C5 Presents The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

“I never thought I would be in the position of talking as the optimist about America. This is an unusual place for me”   Frank Morris

The Four Horsemen of the apocalypse and an African American walk into a bar. The bar tender turns to them and says, “What is this? Some kind of Joke?”.

Budupdup. Oh, come on. It was a subtle joke…making fun of inappropriate jokes. I would usually say, one of them whipped out a tiny piano……but that would be highly offensive in this context. I might be a dick but im not that kind of dick

This is a cheater post. Im steeling someones Youtube episode. Im going to try not to do that much in this blog but occasionally something unusual happens and this is one. Someone managed to get four of my genius doomer heroes in the same room. They might as well be called The Four Horsemen. Im talking about Chris Martenson from Peak Prosperity, John Michael Greer from The Archdruid Report, James Howard Kunstler from Clusterfuck Nation and Dmitry Orlov from ClubOrlov.

The odd man out on this forum was, of course, Frank Morris. It was good to have him because he points out something obvious that people generally dont talk about. When talking about Collapse, African Americans are already acclimatised to adapting to poverty and social system inadequacy, just as I often point out, a Street Person is far more adapted to systemic collapse than a Special Forces soldier. The people that will have the most problems psychologically adapting in a Collapsing nation will be the sinking Middle and Affluent Classes . Mainly, the white folk. We are seeing this already in the spike of what are being called the “Deaths from Despair” epidemic. Suicide, drug overdose, alcoholism, heart disease, PTSD and hopefully we dont have to add civil war to that list.

The next few blog posts from now, I will be referring to a few of these people. I’ll  give you some warning. I actually plan on picking a fight with Howard Kunstler. He is still one of my heroes but he has been presenting some seriously offensive Daddy Issues over the last couple years and I plan on calling him on it. But for now……

I present the CFPUP Summit, Reality Is Not An Option.

Its 2 and a half hours. The first hour is alittle dull if you are already used to these four peoples talking points. It picks right up at the one hour point.

Well, enough chat. Pull up your apocalyptic folding chair, grab some garden potatoes to peel while you listen and enjoy the show.