C5 Survival Advice- An Ancient Chinese Secret

I am revealing the Ancient Chinese Wheelbarrow, not Chinese metaphisics…but before we get there….

We will be away for the next two weeks as we are heading into the interior of the country…so please don’t wait for my next post with bated breath. Relax. schedule a good hangover and consider it Me time. It’s not like the apocalypse is going anywhere.

We are having some technical difficulties with our computer at the moment and Ass Pain Episode II – The Ass Gods Strike Back, will have to wait until I can do some photo editing. They are some very good photos of what happens when a city’s water supply breaks down…. but I am spoiling the surprise.

In the mean time I will leave you with a treat. Maybe not a treat but a cheater post. A shameless theft of someone elses work that is better at presentation than yours truly. It’s almost a homework reading assignment in a round about way. I have a small secret for you. There is a progression to these posts. They are not individual articles. There is a flow of thoughts going on here. One article leads to the next. If you are just chiming in, think of it more as a short book and each post is a chapter. Like the circular logic in my first post, Its going somewhere. One of the places it is going is that Fandiddilyastic Bike Truck you see on the home page. It was a prime motivator in me creating this blog. When you breath in something brilliant its sort of rude not to pass it around the circle.

I was meditating on the balance point of that bike truck and my brain flashed back to an article I had seen years back. Back then I briefed over the article thinking, “that’s interesting but not life changing” and promptly forgot all about it. Then a thought about the bike truck brought me back….and I finally get it now. Its one more thing for me to obsess over. When I get home I plan to build one of these. It solves a problem on the home front that I have been wrestling with for years. How to move large logs down to my house to buck them up with an electric saw powered from the solar panels instead of wasting gas. Everything else I had thought up would either bog down or need too much streinth for an old man. I do have to look further into DC motors for a saw as those solar batteries wont last forever. It’s the dinosaur of the system.

I present the Ancient Chinese Wheelbarrow.  Do not confuse these with European Wheelbarrows. It’s not even the same species. It does the work for you. If you get this concept, it will make the bike truck make more sence. As North American roads break down to the point of becoming single tracks, I can see these barrows replacing the work of horses… if the knowledge is stored. Preserved for those that come after.


And if that is not enough, I found another wordy article the other day and its nice to see someone else coming to my conclusions. There are no political solutions. If there were, we would have done them by now. Instead, become an Adapter to the diminishing future.


See you in a few weeks. I’m off to see what other new strategies I can find.