Hurricane Harvey- The 6 Hundred Pound Invisible Rabbit In The Room

With your host, Did I mention my name is Category5? The Middle Finger of God. Someday I may have to upgrade the name again to Category7.   If you have read my posts from the beginning, Well, it sucks to be right all the time. ¨The problem with smart mother fuckers is that they [...]


C5’s 101 Uses For A 125 Motorcycle – Episode I -Survival Advice from South America … and the rest of the world- Part 10

  With your host Category5   The name is a bit deceptive but this is part 2 on the Ultimate Cargo Bike from South America. Sooooo… did you do the homework assignment I asked in part 1? If not, what are you doing here. Shooo. (I mentioned something about me being one dangerous and [...]