C5’s 101 Uses For A 125 Motorcycle – Episode I -Survival Advice from South America … and the rest of the world- Part 10


motorcycle truck 1

With your host Category5


The name is a bit deceptive but this is part 2 on the Ultimate Cargo Bike from South America. https://darkgreenmountainsurvivalresearchcentre.wordpress.com/2017/07/04/c5-presents-the-ultimate-cargo-bike-redux-the-shareable-version/

Sooooo… did you do the homework assignment I asked in part 1? If not, what are you doing here. Shooo. (I mentioned something about me being one dangerous and manipulate SOB)


I am reluctant to put much effort into this post, in spite of its value and the umpteen dozens of photos I took of this unique Adaptation from South America. It’s Awesome!!! But I think it is a waste of my time because it’s highly theoretical and North Americans will NEVER accept this. They just can’t. It goes against any archetype they have in their collective conscious. Its laws would never allow this to happen. Its insurers would block it. The Nascar Nation would have no place for it. The Harley, wide open road romantics would have apoplexy. The cops would freak, stop shooting unarmed black men and gun down any rider of these. They would bail on the war on drugs and create a war on motorcycle truck users. Think not?


“Think of the children”


Ah, my next morality play. Here is another hero of mine. Ninja Girl. Kick Ass!

family matters 1c

family matters 2c

family matters 3c

family matters 4c

family matters 5c

Somehow, she knew I was watching here…from this distance…with the wind in her eyes…and trying not to fall off. This is a perfect example of hightened awareness…by direct exposure to dangerouse life…from an early age.

family matters 6 plus c

There is not the bubble wrapped nation down here. This is more of a “Needs Must when the Devil Rides” thang. Young children are often seen playing on the sidewalk outside of the store front where the parent is working, with traffic zipping by. Children will be out selling stuff. A bus driver might have his kid along, collecting tickets. Sometimes kids are playing in the park or walking down the street at midnight. North Americans would freak. Yet, the kids are far more vivacious down here than up north.

It’s not the subject I want to talk about though.

I am bringing it up because, most of our chances at Adaptation are stifled by our Myths of how things are supposed to be. If a hardworking person was using one of these motorcycle trucks to get’er done, it might be chugging along at 30 to 50 kph. It might be in the way. This would lead to violence. You see, people have the Myth that it is an Inherent Right, A RIGHT, to be able to zip down the road doing 110 kph uninterrupted. This is insanity. Think not? Remember the guy in the Slow Crash post who threatened violence simply because I presented an alternative theory. Expect that. In fact, expect even more of that with each year that we continue down the bell curve slide.

Consider the retards, “Rolling Coal”, to intimidate people. How stupid does someone need to be. If someone were trying to do this to me, I would simply take their plate number down, use my contacts to find their home, then ironically use a bucket of gas to burn them alive in their truck. Their genetic line is done.

I figured out this fucked up side of humanity way too early in life. It’s why I don’t have much hope for humanity or popular adaptation. Do you think I am overstating this?

This is a true C5 lifestory. As a teen, while other kids had porno mags hiding under their bed, I had articles, torn out pages and photocopies of anything I considered useful to survival. Okay. I had the porno mags as well. My point being, I had the articles from Popular Mechanics and other magazines of this mysterious new item that was being invented in California. It was called a Fat Tire Flyer or Stump Jumper or something that was being called a “mountain bike”. I tried not to cum on the pages so they wouldn’t stick together. This was awesome. This was the answer to my adolescent needs… well some of them. This was the ultimate survival tool. No more sinking in the dirt. No more weak tires. It had the gears of a 10 speed and the ruggedness of a BMX. This was a game changing moment. Unfortunately, it was around $1500 U.S., 1983 adjusted dollars. I don’t know who said the epic quote, “I read playboy for the same reason I read national geographic. To see strange exotic places… that I will never get to go”. Unbeknownst to me, a Canadian company, Norco, was all over this, starting the first ever mass production to bring this bike to the masses. As usual, I was just too ahead of the curve. Then a miracle happened. A cheap version showed up at K-Mart. It was mine.

I was the first person in my area to have a mountain bike. Do you think this made me an envied trendsetter? No. It made me a target. There was unfortunately nothing new about this in my life.


Four guys in a car rolled by yelling “the same old worn out clichés”. Fag! Get a motorcycle, freak! Then they didn’t continue to just drive by. They turned their car around to come back. Not this time. For whatever reason… I made a stand. If I was going to take a beating and have my bike smashed up, I was going to do it on my own terms. I stepped out onto the road and picked up the bike to put it through their windshield. Realizing what was about to happen they stopped, backed up and raced away.


You see, I am not that motivated to “save the world”. I don’t believe it can be saved. I believe evil men will oppose goodness, violently, because it exposes their evil simply by existing.


Now we all know mountain bikes are the primary bike. All truth goes through 3 phases. First it is ridiculed. Then it is violently opposed. Then it is accepted as self-evident.

Do any of you remember my conversation with RAS in Ass Pain part 1?

During our conversation, RAS said “The farming community my family had been assigned to is very peak oil and collapse proof, other than their reliance on 125 -150 cc motorcycles”.

I replied, “Aw, the 125 motorcycle. The work truck of the apocalypse. The rest of the world gets this… but, you know what? I can’t sell this to North Americans. People get my views on bicycles on some level. It touches a nerve because almost every North American has this in their collective consciousness. It’s an unacknowledged symbol of freedom because each child began their independence there. It was how they first explored the world, far from the safety of their parents. If it wasn’t for colonial classism and “Daddy issues”, we wouldn’t see these as Loser Cruisers. It would be a patriotic symbol like the flag, maple syrup and canoes. But 125 motorcycles? Their minds would reject it.”

RAS – “If the shit hits the fan, my family would be set down here…”

The conversation was cut short by the group as we all headed off to the bar for beer, so I never go to finish my thoughts to him, that traditionally, refugees don’t fare that well. His family would always be considered outsiders of questionable legal status with no money, supplies or employment. The other faulty assumption is that collapse would be equal and everywhere at once instead of collapses being regional with partial recoveries.

Some of you are familiar with ZeroHedge. One of the reasons I find ZeroHedge (and those like it) a useless news agency, that I can’t bother wasting my time with, is One, I find their “news” unreliable at best having watched it over several years, and Two, it is completely biased propaganda. It is for people that need complete confirmation bias. They only hear what they want to hear and can’t see other’s opinions. His is forcing square pegs into round holes.


Example. Take a moment and go see this article and watch the video. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-07-11/meanwhile-venezuela-real-mad-max-emerges


Now this event is so bizarre without any qualifiers or context. We don’t really have any idea of what’s going on here. On the surface it seems like this is the road warrior world… but as they say the exception proves the rule. This article then jumps to the confirmation biased conclusion and propaganda. They say, “See. This is what central planning will do”. This totally ignores the fact that the U.S. has been actively and covertly trying to destroy Venezuela for years to gain complete control of its resources. By empire, the U.S. has far more resources to outlast those they wish to steal from. Venezuela’s crash has nothing to do with its politics and everything to do with the Commodities Crash. Now this isn’t some argument for socialism here. I do actually have a political position. I am an Anarchist… but I am not a dick about it. I believe “no matter who you vote for, the government always gets in”, and the double entendre, “No government is good government”. But like I said before, I am an Angry Agnostic in all things pertaining to belief and that also involves politics which is also a belief. I might be an Anarchist but I see no situation where it becomes the prominent view. I reject hierarchical structures as coercion but I am also a pragmatist of “whatever works”. For someone to point to Venezuela as why socialism is bad is to totally ignore that Cuba survived its own man made Peak Oil, economic collapse with almost no deaths, specifically because of central planning. While the U.S. was plying its usual act of war Via embargo, like the Germans did to England, and was actively trying to starve to death the entire population to bring them “freedom”, the Cuban government started importing and producing bicycles en mass. They brought in permaculture specialists from Australia and told the people to take over any unused property, no matter who owned it, and begin mass urban gardening.

I am presenting this youtube video on how Cuba survived the “special period” where the average weight loss was 23 pounds and all the cats and dogs disappeared into soup pots. This is for newbies and those that missed it. As far as I am concerned, if you are a serious prepper or survivalist and you haven’t watched this yet… I am speechless.  I don’t know what to say, except maybe… that I find you useless. Deadweight, figuratively and literally.


Now to draw this back to topic when we were in Cuba, it was the first time we saw a 125 motorcycle with a trailer with welded rebar doing deliveries of appliances, fridges and stoves, to rural communities in the middle of bf nowhere.

125 trailer c

(I was sooo lucky to get this blurry shot on my last trip…so you can see Im not making it up. This was pulled by a scooter)

In zerohedge’s propaganda video we don’t know what’s going on. Is it an organized crime gang doing a robbery? Is it a group of survivalists who are inspired by the road warrior in a self-fulfilling prophecy? Most likely it is an organized flash mob and they have those right  in a Right Wing Consumer Corporate Amerika.


What can be learned though… is all those bikes are 125 motorcycles.


Did you see that coming? Didn’t think so. Circular logic in play.

Now I will throw out plenty of photos but you already know how this concept works. It’s the same as the bike truck but with a motorcycle… duh.bike truck attachment 1cbike truck attachment close up cHere is how it works for those with reverse engineering

banana bike cwhat helmet law cbig guys c(try not to make a joke. try not to make a joke. try not to make a joke…Damn)loaded cresting horse clook carefully

Whether here or Mexico or Jamaica or Spain or France or Cuba … or Africa or Asia, not a lot of big bikes.

I was having a conversation with Mrs.C5 who rides a 600 Katana, about the small bikes here. She figured it was because it was only a city bike, so it’s about getting around the traffic jams. (they travel between the cars, passing on the road edges and even going on the sidewalks when necessary). Then I responded that it was not just the cities. This was happening in farm country as well.

It really comes down to cost.

It’s the minimum vehicle for the money. Poverty based prepping. The Chinese motorcycles are even cheaper. We don’t see those in North America, probably for legal reasons. They are the dollar store version of the motorcycle.


C5 Rule of Survival – Needs must when the devil rides


Just throw out any idea of “how things are supposed to be”. People have problems relating to accepting “different”. They often respond with sheer, visceral Hate. But if you accept “needs must” all else follows. So let’s whip over to the Philippines for one of the greatest examples of this. Something called Sky Lab riding. No one told them they couldn’t… so they just did.

I’ve done this on a much smaller scale. I did put on a little red flag in case I had to argue with a cop.

Look up Skylab in the Philipines. Lots more.

Now lets whip over to Haiti, The country most shit apon by the gods, for survival lessons. It starts a bit slow but stick with it.

Remember my most important C5 Rule – If all else fails, lower your standards and expectations.


But Whitey will never accept this. Thus they are doomed. They know how to go up … and gloat about their inherent superiority. But they just don’t know how to go down… without violence and scapegoating… with any level of dignity. It is seen as a moral failing and something to be stomped out.

So, that’s my premise. Successful North Americans are too stupid to survive. Too stupid to save their own lives. Too stupid to Adapt. They will take everyone else down with them. If anyone survives, there will be a morality tale told. They will tell of a mythical race that adolescent children will mock their younger siblings for believing in, like Satan Clause. This mystery race, “the Merikins”, will be synonymous with fool or suicide or murderer.

“Be humble or Merikins will possess you and burn you in Tomic fire forever”.

Let’s finish this up with a awesome “needs must” adaptation. A motorcycle truck and a bike truck tied together. Let’s consider it the semi, tractor trailer of the 125 motorcycle world.trailer 1 ctrailer 3a ctrailer 4 ctrailer 5 ctrailer 6 c


Unfortunately in North American there is only one way that I can see this being used. That is, it being used as a farm vehicle, possibly being insured as part of a low speed, farm fleet, like a tractor. In this case it would be very helpful. Possibly as an offroad vehicle where licensing isn’t required. The Motorcycle trailor would work though as there is already a legal framework and insurence for big asses highway crusers using trailers. You just have to bump down in size.

The good news, if gas instantly disappears… simply detach the motorcycle and you still have a very lightweight cart. Add a couple of polls and attach to a donkey, several climate change refugees or starving Bug Out preppers that need a new job as a serf. Way more effective than trying to do the same with a truck. Save the trucks for raised bed gardens.

The other reason I was less than motivated to put effort into this particular post… I will cover in – 101 Uses of a 125 Motorcycle Episode 2.