Hurricane Harvey- The 6 Hundred Pound Invisible Rabbit In The Room

With your host, Did I mention my name is Category5? The Middle Finger of God. Someday I may have to upgrade the name again to Category7.


If you have read my posts from the beginning, Well, it sucks to be right all the time. ¨The problem with smart mother fuckers is that they come accross as crazy mother fuckers to dumb mother fuckers.¨

You may remember my survival advice in Ass Pain Episode III.

¨So, now for the big survival advice you are all here for.The real tough stuff.¨

¨Filling some water bottles is easy. Buying a bike and pump is easy. Deciding to ride it takes some actual effort but this doesn’t really mean you in the acceptance phase. It’s time for you to go outside and examine where you live. I want  you to imagine what would happen if your area was hit by one of these rain bombs… because it is coming… over and over and over again. Where will the water flow. Do you live on a floodplain. This is often where people settled because it is fertile farmland, easy transport and close to water source. The essential farmland was destroyed to make Suburbs. A self fulfilling Apocalypse.   Hint. It’s called a floodplain for a reason. Are you near a river. I’ve seen rivers rise 20 feet. Banks washout. Even man made ones to prevent flooding. If water is coming from a higher height, where will it flow past your home. What exactly is above you. Is that ground stable or will it wash onto you in one huge mudslide. Is your roadway going to act as a river system. If a nearby river gets jammed up with debris, where will the water flow next as in what happened during the 2013 Alberta floods. What exactly is upstream from you? What industry is there? Will anything nearby go boom if water takes out a maintenance generators? Most importantly, is there a dam that will eventually fail… because eventually they are all going to fail. Have the watersheds been logged, destroying the ability to hold land in place. Thank you logging industry. Not. Now do the same exercise about where you work, where your kids go to school, and the route you would need to take to get home or away.¨

¨If you don’t like what you see, I have a very simply answer for you to solve this problem. Move.¨

¨And this is where I will lose Viewers and Subscribers. This is the Jesus and the Rich Man moment. For those not theologically inclined, the rich man asks Jesus, ¨what should I do to attain life?¨. (Sorry, I can’t help you with the eternal part. I am not that smart) Jesus gives him the simple answer like me saying “move”. Release your possessions to the poor and follow me. Don’t worry I am not starting a C5 cult. If you are looking for advice on what to put into a bugout bag or what rifle to buy or how to make a slingshot shoot arrows, I can’t help you. I won’t help you. Those things are for the 1st four stages of grief and are all phases of Denial.Acceptance means moving out of the way of that wall of water… years in advance.¨

¨Anyone I read that talks about global warming usually ends the horror story that they just wrote with, “If the government doesn’t do something soon it will be too late”. This is denial. I hate to tell you this but it’s already too late… and last time I checked, all the people outside my window are busy expanding the problem at this point. Acceptance means Adaptation. It means changing your life, not just slapping on a coat of greenwash. Of Whitewash. If you say you believe in climate change but live in places susceptible to the effects of climate change, you don’t really believe in climate change. You are just preachy and annoying, like the followers of one of those tele evangelists. If you believe in economic collapse but don’t have a garden or food source and a woodstove, if you buy stuff on your credit card and have a 25 year mortgage, you don’t really believe in economic collapse. You are just a political nerd. A soon to be homeless nerd.¨

(Ah, the memories)  Now, lets ask the other Jesus what he has to say at Peak Prosperity. Pay special attention to his final words.   ( he also covers my views on the fallacy of bugging out)

Now lets whip over to My first ever post, C5 Survival Advice from South America. Part 1- It begins.

¨We have a humble single shipping container on our farm. We have turned it into a mini mouse proof barn, all around storage building and emergency, class 5 hurricane/fire storm shelter… I would turn these into a castle that could take all mother nature could throw at it. It could take a full on category 5 hurricane dead on while keeping my very expensive solar panel system from going airborne… The school buses turned hail proof, wind proof, snow load proof, apocalyptic greenhouses would still be pumping out peppers like nothing happened. The whole thing is fireproof while sparks are raining down on us….¨ (We brought in an unworking school bus before we left and we will report on our build to turn it into a hurricane proof greenhouse. We also decided while here to bring in a second shipping container to make a back up home. You will watch these builds in future posts)

I don’t even remember where I wrote, Global warming doesn’t mean palm trees in canada or better planting seasons in the north. It means super storms. And I keep telling you folks again and again and again, RAIN BOMBS are the new normal. The reason this is obvious is because IT IS SO FUCKING OBVIOUS. With more heat, more water goes in the atmosphere, wich furthers the greenhouse effect … and then that water has to come down somewhere. Death and destruction ensues. 500 year storms are happening every month now.

Incase you missed it

That´s on top of the over 350 deaths that happened while we were down here in south america and the Hurricane that hit Haiti last year that the government reported killed less than 600 but boots on the ground reported was up to three times as high. We wont know because of the Mass Graves where people were just buried in big holes. The 3-4 hundred killed in tropical storm flooding the same year, in china, as three storms hit about a month apart. Lets not forget that rare Pacific Hurricane storm the year before that whipped up as high as a Category 7, starting down here in south america, causing mass flooding across the States as it whent and when it finally hit us up in Nova Scotia,  over a continent away, it still carried enough womp to shake our house enough that I stayed up all night and wore a bike helmet just incases the roof came crushing down. Any worse and we would have put on the full face motorcycle helmets so we could see and headed to the shipping container. How often do we need to do this before we fess up to that this is not normal weather.

That is what started this blog. Before that I was happy to keep a low profile on others boards. Then one day I had one argument too many. Some climate change denier on a permaculture site was using it as a bully pulpit. As I have done a few times before, I risked it all and went to war. Your reputation or mine. Only one of us gets out of this alive.  I set a trap for the guy…and he walked into it. I said it was going to be a record hurricane season of many deaths (the reason it was obvious was because it was so fucking obvious) and I was willing to make a winner take all bet, the person that loses Leaves and never uses the term Permaculture on any site ever again, while publicly uncovering their secret identity with a full facial and full frontal photo on a very cold day for the shrinkage factor.  He decided to be crafty and said the death toll and number of named hurricanes had to be higher than the 2005 (Katrina) year.

Well, I won that bet by a very large margin…but I never bothered going back to collect. Enough big wiggs saw that fight before they took it down. I was done trying to save the unsavable.

But the good news is, that eventually led to this blog.

If you have been sucked into any of the Global Warming Denialism, funded by umpteen millions and millions of dollars distributed by the Koch brothers in their stealth coup of democracy and take over of the US, please do yourself a favor and sit down to watch the entire funny series by greenman3610 Climate Denile Crock of The Week. Start down at the bottom and work your vay up.

Here is a sample from 2010

Back to big bunny Hurricane Harvey.

What else have I shared with you on this site. FUEL SHORTAGES. Comming to a North America near you, especially with all those refineries shut down, empty gas stations and no electricity (for months) to pump it. I belive I mentioned something of simple FUEL STORAGE wich we cycle into the car every 6 months to keep it fresh….and I seem to write alot about bikes for some strange reason. Why reinvent the wheel. I also seem to talk alot about FOOD STORAGE and FIREWOOD STORAGE so you can continue to cook it while keeping you from hypothermia or worse.

I even offered a simple survival technique, Fridge Pillowing….if you didnt listen to the other advice…. and their is still much more Survival Advice and home survival experiments to be ¨Researched¨ through trial and error, back on the farm, in the months to come…so try to stay dry and keep comming back.

Until then, Im just going to chill out with my Big, Invisible 600 pound friend Harvey, the Invisible Rabbit that others dont belive in….and the two of us will crack a beer and listen to The Hurricane.