C5 On Terracing Junk Land- Survival Advice From Pre Inca South America- Part 13- Permaculture=Permanent Culture

With your Host, Category5...and the visiting Dead Souls of the Pre Incas   (It will be a few weeks till the next post as we are headed towards the Amazon rainforest. I never thought I would live to say those words. So, I figured I would give you a quality post to hold you over [...]


Category5 On The Man Truck – No Oil EROEI – No Problem- Survival Advice from South America Part 12

With your host Category5 (My name seems to be getting some world attention lately. Oh, not me personaly but what the name represents. I chose the name Category5 very carefully. It was far from prophetic. The reason it was obvious was because it was So Fucking Obvious. Get used to hearing my name. Considering the [...]

C5’s 101 Uses For A 125 Motorcycle – Episode II -Survival Advice from South America- Part 11…And Something About The EROEI Apocalypse

With your host, Catergory5....just me this time. After a bunch of Guest writers, controversies and old articles I just wanted stored for posterity, Its time to get back to reporting what I see. As I said in episode I, I'm not that exited about this post for reasons I will add after we get past [...]