Giving Love to Jesus – Just the Tip

With your host Category5 and special guest, The Good Reverend Charismatic5


Brothers Sisters of The Church Of The Apocalypse, this is The Good Reverend. It has been revealed to me that the time is short. Demons walk the earth as men and darkness is upon the land. The time of Tribulation is at hand. Apocalypse unrolls the veil of revelation, pouring light into the darkness, exposing all once hidden.

Now is the time to Give some love to Jesus. Give from your poverty and God will reward you tenfold. God wants you to become Rich by Giving. so Give now and Give deep and…… Hey!…..ouch!….


What the fuck! Wait! Coming through! Hold the door! Hold my beer. Cut off Charismatic5’s mic. Get off my soap box. Shooo. This is Category5 again. Sorry about that folks. The Good Reverend must have stopped taking his meds again.

Yes, this post is about Giving The Tip… With some qualifiers. We need a Safe Word. Neither God nor I need your money.

A reciprocal reach around might be nice, though. A little foreplay to lube the wheels. You could at least buy me a beer first and tell me I’m pretty.

I have no illusions about making a living as a writer. Believe or not, I don’t enjoy writing. I don’t like being a public personality. I just think it can help.

Mrs.C5 and myself find ourselves in an unusual spot. We are better prepared than most… by accident. Poor with land is completely different than poor without land. Not having debt means we actually have a positive balance whereas most North Americans have better homes, better cars and better toys… but they don’t actually own anything because they are debt slaves for life. Somehow, this dirt bag ex street kid with PTSD and a completely wrecked life… is wealthier on paper than most North Americans today. It’s weird but I am just flowing with it. Our preps are good enough. If we stay living frugal… living far below most North American’s expectations… we are good. We don’t have to worry about homelessness or starvation, if we remain diligent paupers.

The only reason we would ask for “A TIP” for services rendered, if you have enjoyed these posts, is because this is the Dark Green Mountain Survival RESEARCH Centre. It’s for the Research part. If you give a tip, it goes into a jar and is saved up for material costs on Future Experiments, that I can’t justify putting our own meagre funds into.

Example. I mentioned in the article on motorized bicycles in South America (   ) that I would like to run one of these motors through its paces to see what work it can actually do, modifying and risking overheating or Overworking the engine… and reporting what I learn. I’ll volunteer my time, effort and a bike if you volunteer the money for the parts.

Example 2. I have rebuilt six low to mid-quality bikes. It’s foolish for me to buy another one. I’m good. But I am curious about picking up one of the cheap $250 trikes, figuring out how to extend the frame to build it into one of the trikes you see in South Asia or India for cargo transport and seeing if it is useful around the farm as a low tech tool. If a few of you help to buy the starter bike I will do the volunteer work of rebuilding and give you an honest report on whether it is useful… or not. The “or not” part is more useful to people than the “potentially useful” part that you usually see when people show off their “cool” solutions. Most things don’t live up to the hype. I’ll tell you my honest opinion… even if you think I suck.

If you pay for some bags of cement, I’ll do some experiments on low tech cement roofs that I learned down here in South America as an alternative to sheet metal. I don’t need these on our property but I will do the experiments because I think it might be helpful to someone.

If we hit the jackpot of fame (something I do not relish) we could bring in a mini excavator to do some experimental terracing on part of our property to see how well it retains water for planting, on a part of our property of questionable use, so people can see what is possible on cheap, hilly junk land. So you understand, we don’t need this. Our flat garden is more than we can ever use. We will risk ruining a part of our land, putting effort into something that will create more work for us, simply to see if it can be useful to someone else… but not on our frugal dime. What else are we going to do with our time till death takes us but try to make a better apocalypse for all.

C5 Rule of Survival – As we sit on this rock… dangling in space… waiting to die… every body needs a hobby.

I’ll do my part, if you do your tipping part.

The next thing to understand, when we are back in Canada, posts may not come as often. I’ll be busy. Some day I’ll have said all I wanted to say to the Preparedness and Adapters world… or I might just get bored and want to do something else… or I might just straight out die. So I don’t wanna hear anyone say, “that C5 ripped me off”. That is why it is a Tip for services already rendered and not a subscription.

Also, I’m keeping this site on a free network so that the info stays around if I give up the ghost, one way or the other. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to want people to have donate buttons unless I upgrade to a pay site and I cant upload it anymore… but they missed me before they did this. Shhh. Don’t tell them.  The paypal button doesn’t work but the blue “Donate Just The Tip” does. You can find that button by going to the top of the page where you will find a link called “Giving just the tip”. I will repost this there with the donate button at the bottom of the page.


” Oh. You think I am Pretty? What a mighty big tip you have. Be gentle. It’s my first time.”