C5 Says, “Oh, No. Tell me what you really think”. C5 Opens Comments. 2018 Predictions- General Chaos

With your Host, Category5 and, Oh, wait…..YOU!

Special welcome to the 21 visitors and one subscriber on Christmas day. That is SOOOO depressing. That you chose to spend it with me. Not a big fan of the hallmark holiday because it IS so depressing. It epitomizes unrealistic expectations. Nowhere to go but down.

I spent the day, hung over in bed, playing video games. It was a great christmas. One of my best. Mythos, Logos and myself had a fantastic holiday avoidance bash that involved seasonal enchiladas and passing out while watching Team America. I hope I wasn’t snoring or drooling. I could not have asked for more.

Only one more drinking holiday to get through.

That New Years thing.

Now, collapse commentators do have a tradition of waxing philosophical on the past year and making predictions for the year ahead. I have done some of this myself and I can generally say, “called it!” but for the last couple of years…that has been pretty easy.

I find myself saying, “More of the same”.

Or More, More of the same. Since I used that before, I guess this is More, More, More of the same.

Nothing big. More of the same, economic decline, burning forests, unstable weather, mass shootings and saber rattling. His Hairness needs a war to stay in office but I am not seeing it. He is too weak. If it happens, it will happen in the next few days. Big W Leaks is onto something….but…I am predicting, just the usual we already know.

In case you think that is a boring cop out… just remember how boring last year was. YOU are just getting USED TO IT.

More of the same. Maybe a hurricane or two less this year. More Polar Vortexes though. That is an easy prediction.Remember a couple years back when no one had heard of them before and the Right said it was a Leftist Plot and meteorologists were opening old text books to point to the phenomena.

Wait. There is More. When I say, More of the same, this may give you the impression that it is a static arraignment, imbued with permanence. A better way to put it would be…

More of the same…with 2% compounding interest.


MrsC5 adds, “I am realizing that as I get older I like people less and less”. That about sums up the mess we are in

I have learned about myself that I don’t write as well when I am cold and it is winter dark. I had hoped to be a winter writer. MrsC5 always hoped for a winter book… but not so. I started to write one. It sucked.

Fear Not. I will be back in the sun soon. Barbados awaits… but the last time I headed south…. Hotmail and the internet of things made it impossible to get back online for months. Just encase this happens again, you know what happened to me.

Plus, It may take a month or so to process what I am observing

In the mean time… I’m doing what I said I WOULD NOT DO.

I’m Opening COMMENTS. Just this once. This is your New Years PURGE. Tell me “WHAT YOU REALLY THINK”.

Of ME. Of this blog. Of the world. Of The Other in 1984 fashion. Your predictions. Or your Survival Advice. Have Att’er

Out with the Old. In with the new.

What could possibly go wrong?


Thanks TR for the donation. We should have enough for the primitive cement roof experiment now

18 thoughts on “C5 Says, “Oh, No. Tell me what you really think”. C5 Opens Comments. 2018 Predictions- General Chaos

    1. Sorry. I had a bit of a asperger moment there. It didn’t dawn on me that people might want a response from me…and I am still amazed people give a damn what the guy with the “The End Is Near” sign is saying . No platitudes? And here I was thinking I was being too preachy. I spent 15 years as a missionary, left that (badly), and am still the voice of Jesus. Just not the Jesus, ‘Mericans like.The one more concerned with what people do with their money than what they do with their penises. Heck, I’m hard right now. Well….semi hard. I am getting old.


  1. Love it. No bullshit, lots of swearing, projects even I might be able to attempt despite being tool useless, pretty much, at this point, but improving. Our life and choices are restricted by my husband’s life limiting illness, but we do what we can to insulate ourselves from the worse excesses of the world and to help ourselves thrive. Have fun in the sun. Looking forward to the life hacks you bring back with you.


    1. Hey, My step dad used to hit me when I touched his tools. I learned NOTHING from him…but the type of person to avoid. Anything I learned about tool usage was fumbled through by necessity. I’m still useless… but Mrs C5 is amazed what I do know. I only learned anything by desperate adaption in fucked up situations where my life was in danger. One screw driver and wrench at a time. Just like you. Don’t let anyone tell you, you cant do it. Especially yourself. Feel free to make 100 mistakes


  2. Is there a way to donate without using PayPal?

    On Dec 27, 2017 5:33 PM, “Dark Green Mountain Survival Research Centre” wrote:

    > Dark Green Mountain Survival Research Centre posted: “With your Host, > Category5 and, Oh, wait…..YOU! Special welcome to the 21 visitors and one > subscriber on Christmas day. That is SOOOO depressing. That you chose to > spend it with me. Not a big fan of the hallmark holiday because it IS so > depressing. It e” >


    1. Hey, Dear ol friend. Don’t you dare. I know you have better uses for it than me. Treat your self instead. Uhm…my treat. You have EARNED it as a TRUE SURVIVOR. These Preppers are Posers in comparison to you.

      But you bring up a point though. Im such a computer illiterate Loser, I cant even solve that paypal button issue…but I should try to give people some other options..


  3. I am writing as well (don’t worry its coming) but between Christmas, company, and snow storm after snow storm and the bitter cold.. I am finding time to be slipping..

    What do I think of the blog.. I like it, ah, heck who am I kidding, I love the frick’n thing.. I love the long write ups, I laugh out loud at least a few times, I talk back to this site on every single POST and wish I could comment

    I love Mrs. C5 post and her comments, please keep adding in your thoughts and voice 🙂

    I like that it makes me tilt the head at times and go hmmm.. and that when I am mindlessly shoveling out a pen or doing the hundred other things on the homestead that it makes me come back and think about some of it more..

    So for me at least, I lift a glass and hope you will keep writing!


    1. COLD enough for you, Farmgalfriend? Sucks to be right all the time. Its even creeping me out, this polar vortex thing. I’m not nearly as prepared for this as I had hoped. My pipes are frozen and my water storage isn’t as good as I had hoped. Its all rationing at this point. I have to double it. Still, very glad I prepped. I have to re evaluate just how bad a polar vortex actually is. This is lethal.


      1. it is lethal, my oldest ewe sheep at age almost 13 passed away (try doing a bury in this cold_ she was drinking and eating her hay in the barn (no wind chill, just the deep bitter cold.. she did not come for her grain, she was eating her hay that was our only, I am feeling a bit off.. next water haul on same day.. gone in her sleeping area.. when the hard cold comes the youngest and oldest are always the hardest hit even when all basic needs are meet


      2. Good News. I got water again. My day started by refilling my water containers and adding another 60 liters of drinking water. My water storage isn’t that impressive…but it is simple. About 300 liters, most of it in those blue camping containers which I pick up at garage sales or second hand stores in the 3$ range used. I also go through alot of distilled water for the solar batteries…so those just got refilled for their convenient size. With no water to flush with, we have a bucket toilet where poop gets covered with a layer of sawdust and we compost that. The sawdust neutralizes the smell. My next priority of the day is getting in a shower. I stink. I had brought out my emergency shower encase it went much longer. Stay tuned. You will see that soon.


  4. So I am reading from half a world away. Only found your blog recently. I love it’s down to earthiness. While you have cold and fruzzed over here in Oz we have heat and dry. Keep writing. Love some of your hacks.


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