Calling Survivors- Please Stand By

This post may self destruct shortly.

I have been writing an article, C5 On PTSD in Disaster Management And Prepping. Its very personal and taking longer than I had hoped. I can only write it a few paragraphs at a time. It is going to take as long as it takes … and I may shut down for a while after. Its painful to write as I knew it wood be..

In the mean time, I am presenting an old, post apocalyptic series. Survivors. The 1975 BBC series.

Its the Apocalypse, de- hollywood- heroised.

There are 38 episodes. I will only present the first 13. It really picks ups in season 2… but I will leave you to find it. Its very Kitch, but way  ahead of its time. In 36 episodes, It covers most of the problems people will face. Its far deeper than it would first appear.  Most of the heroes die.

Either way, Its a good series to watch to help get you through a long winter, as only BBC can do. enjoy.



(EDIT- OOPS. I screwed this up. Its not in order and jumps to season 2 at times. Will try to fix when I have more time)



















Don’t forget to back track the next two seasons.

The next post will happen whenever it happens. Please Stand By.

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