C5 Presents- Farmgal, Farmgal, Farmgal!

With your host Category5...and guess who? Could it be Farmgal?   I have been getting some press and respect lately. Its been a nice ego boost. I have accomplished most of what I set out to do. Doing a slight adjustment to the prepper world to tweek it into something that is a little more … Continue reading C5 Presents- Farmgal, Farmgal, Farmgal!

C5 Says, Don’t Build My Greenhouse- Redux

With your Zombified Host, Catatonic5. (I'll return to Category5 soon enough) (A special hello and welcome to the new, regular visitors from Italy and Finland. Big numbersĀ  from Finland caught me off guard because MrsC5, who has visited there, informs me they have a huge and vibrant Metal music scene. Soooo...in the name of good … Continue reading C5 Says, Don’t Build My Greenhouse- Redux