Doom Wears A Yellow Vest- It’s The Declining E.R.O.E.I, Stupid

Shortest article ever.

With your Road Warrior like Host, Category5.


I had been avoiding the subject of the Yellow Vest protests in France. I have got more important things to do while Adapting to Climate Chaos, Resource Depletion, Economic Contraction and Social Destabilization.

I had just hoped this wasn’t another Ukraine like event where we figure out Nazis take over, long after it is too late.

But my subconscious was bugging me each time I would scrolled past these riots in my news sources without reading. Thing is, my subconscious is often worth listening to as it is working out stuff I’m not presently thinking about.

While all of us argue about politics,  I think we are missing the real issue here.

Then it dawned on me.

All of what we are witnessing is the result of declining EROEI or declining Energy Return On Energy Investment. No one else is mentioning that. Lower EROEI, everyone gets poorer, BAU ceases to function. First on the peripheries (Rural Poor) then towards the center (Cities and Rulers)

What I am pointing out is that the Left Right narrative is irrelevant.   If it is an EROEI narrative….

… Then it means that these riots are coming to Every city and Every nation in the world, in its turn. This is what collapse looks like.

I guess THAT is what my subconscious was trying to point out.

And do you know what all this looks like to me? It looks like this.

On an Adapter/ prepper/ survivalist note, not only is it good to stay out of cities and not to get riled up when you cant afford something anymore, but also to pay attention to that each country will eventually go to the most riled up in some failed attempt to get politics to re arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic. The most angry to the point of riot, Left or right? Doesn’t matter. They are both subject to declining EROEI… and nothing can stop the avalanche.

“If you except the premise that money is really a proxy for energy, all the pieces fall together.” Re

Adapt your life. As much as possible, divesting your immediate survival needs away from money and fuel.

Continue to stay tuned for my, C5 Defines The Adapters Movement- Acceptance and Triage, where we can best mitigate the worst of the violence. It still may take another month or two as I slowly work out each principal to Adaptation.

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