Merry Last Tomato Day

With your host, Beer-Clause.


The date is purely coincidental, just like Happy Snowed In Day was.

Today we ate the last tomato of the year.

While everyone is holiday feasting, I thought some Adaptation/ survival/ prepping perspective would be my gift to the world. I’ll climb down the chimney for that like any good home invader. Beer-Clause knows if you are sleeping. He knows if you’re awake. He knows if you’ve been bad or good… like a stalker with extortion plans.

Today was the final tomato from our harvest. There wont be another until late summer and only if we get a harvest in… and it is a reality check. Last year was a pretty bad harvest. OK. We did can tomatoes but lets ignore that. Its the last Fresh Tomato… and I really like tomatoes. I’ll be Jonesing soon enough.

I’m rather impressed we kept them going in the fridge this long. To get to this point, we have eaten quite a few that were starting to go. A spot here. A mushy place there. I think we wait until its clear that we wont get another day of storage out of it. Then it’s time to use it. Most grocery store folks would never think about the value of that tomato and probably would have tossed it as spoiled the moment it didn’t look like the tomato in a glossy magazine photo. We just purchase new tomatoes from god knows where. The magic tomato factory at the north pole. We never think, “Well, god bless mexican farm workers and their industrious little hands. Bless the oil company billionaires and dead soldiers that keep it coming. And the truck divers that are away from divorced spouses and children over the holidays to get those child support payments in. God bless the factory managers keeping warehouse laborers in check…er…I mean employed, all along the supply chain. And lets not forget the CEOs and share holders of big box grocery corporations that help get that tomato to the veggy cooling tray in the fridge and all the little chemical and mining cogs along the way. God bless us everyone”. Amen.

As for me, its going to be a long, long 8 months till that next juicy tomato.

Merry last tomato day, everyone.

And now for some holiday music.