C5 Is On A Writing Break- Please Stand By

With your graying, X-Goth, Redneck Drag, Doomsteading Host, Category5. The one and only…..

Nice to see the old geezers representing.

Warning. Random boob scenes….and what can only be called….um…electrophelia.

I probably should have started with that. Um….Too late now. If you are horrified by tits and that people like to orgasm, you are definitely at the wrong survival/ adapter instructor page. If you think militarized police are the good guys… and you are getting a strange tingling over uniforms….well…. we have seen this happen before in recent history. Less than a hundred years is not the ancient past. Its recent history. Like last week. Aging puts it in perspective.

I’m Taking a writing break… until I have something I really want to say.

We are also evaluating what is left of our lives… and I suspect there is some radical life changes about to happen. Not quite sure what they will be yet.

Now, I have likened this page to a french resistance, radio show. You only find the frequency if some other survivalist/prepper/collapsenick turned you on to it. Between the beats, you get Rebel Alliance News… and Adaptive survival advice that wont be found in your SAS Survival Manual.

Yawn. Been there. Done that. A lean to and squirrel snares does not survival make.

On the good news side, some of you will remember that I have been living with PTSD. Over the last month, my flashbacks HAVE STOPPED. 12 years of living with that and it stopped without much fanfare. As my brain is once again rewiring itself in the whole process of healing, I have got to say I am on the no motivation, down side.

I have been feeling like this guy lately. Your bonus read. Nafeez Ahmed At Insurgeintelligence.

His starter words…

“For the last month, as a journalist and academic, I’ve experienced a strange sensation of paralysis….But this month watching the spectacle of political madness unfolding across Washington, London and Brussels, while chaos and suffering continues to kick off across Venezuela, Yemen, Israel-Palestine, Syria, Nigeria and beyond, I experienced something I haven’t felt in a long-time. A sense of total burn-out. Of futility. Of tiredness.

He is simply stating the obvious.

View at Medium.com

View at Medium.com

Do you remember when 70s. 80s and 90s speculative dystopian movies… weren’t actually happening as we watch.

Me neither

Do you remember when Keanu Reeves was not John Wick… or Neo.

Too far. Too far. Dust in the wind.

Stop me if you have heard this one. Keanu Reeves, Ice-T and Henry Rollins walk into a bar. The bartender says, “What is this? Some kind of joke?”

Bush, Obama and Trump are blowing each other in the corner. Trudeau is held on a leash in a gimp mask . Manning, Assange and Snowden are secretly recording it and loading it on the internet.

Funny how much of this kitchy movie has come to pass. Here is the extended full movie to watch later when you need a chuckle and some entertainment to drown out dystopian non-fiction.

Not sure what is worse. Not knowing what is going on… or knowing.

He who controls the power, controls the narrative. If you are reading me…. you aint it.

Soooo….no adaptive survival advice this round. I’m on mental vacation.

Best way to know when I am writing again will be to subscribe and you will get a notice.


5 thoughts on “C5 Is On A Writing Break- Please Stand By

  1. yup, Persians ain’t Arabs

    they’re not stupid, and they have plenty of missile systems from BFFs Mao-Mart and Vladville … and bet your last dollar they have operational cells here

    hell, during the Irag shitshow, they used one of their Qu’uds units to impersonate coalition forces, and WALKED out of a Green Zone lockup with a bunch of hi-value prisoners for their own benefit

    Televitzer Talking Heads never mention that the CIA, Brits and US overthrew the duly elected president of Iran, then put puppet Reza Pahlavi in …. leading to the Shah and rebirth of Pislamic fundamentalism. Smooth move, and done for …. waitforit …. OIL


  2. C5 left the comments open? Appreciate your sharing of what you do. Sorry about your pup, lost mine in Feb.

    I’m not far from you, relatively speaking, and am somewhat familiar with the area I think you are located, not saying any more.

    Yes, by all means you deserve downtime, rainy day today anyway, sunshine tomorrow!
    Here’s something for a lazy Sunday: (They’re miming – still great though)


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