C5 says, Solar Schmolar. It’s the Fascism, Stupid


Have you ever wondered, “If I was a superhero, who would I be?”

I really wanted to be Luke Cage. Honor. Integrity. Looking out for the little guy and the local community. Even as an under dog in a hoody. (and mix in Daredevils mad skills)

I ended up being Jessica Jones.

Jaded. Broken. Cynical. Not wanting to get involved. And heavily reliant on alcohol to stay sane and cope with a fucked up past.


Once again, I am covering Climate Chaos as a threat to your life, your efforts and preps/Adaptations… and lets face it, life continuing on this planet.

If you find yourself saying, “The weather is always changing” or ” Scientist, pfft. They cant even get the weather right”…

…Go sit at the Kids Table. The adults are speaking.

Be glad you are allowed to listen in and not sent to bed with no dinner and red ass.

I have mentioned before, that the line, “the weather is always changing” was written by an ad agency funded by the oil industry. Those guys must have been high fiveing over a spit roast hooker by a pile of coke after coming up with that one.

I woke up today thinking about the shear evil genius of that little piece of propaganda..

It was short and simple enough enough that any room temperature IQ person could remember it and probably spell it right, to put it in the comments section any time someone mentioned the climate. It was great because you could take a  person with low self esteem and make them feel smarter than a person with a PHD. It would give just the right hit of dopamine to their crack addled brain each time they repeated it. It would make them feel special because they had secret insider knowledge. Sure, even though they couldn’t afford to go to university and could only get a job pounding nails into shingles on a roof in the scorching heat, they could know they were smarter than everyone… that was actually smarter than them. And it would be reinforced each time the weather man told them it would be sunny but their job was canceled because it was raining.

The sheer evil genius of it. A guy with a degree in advertising thought it up. An honest to god, evil scientist.

If you cant tell the difference between weather and climate, you don’t get to come back to the adults table any time soon. Here is a booster seat. We better get you one of those hockey helmets so you don’t bang your head as often. “He’s not slow. He’s Special”.

I shouldn’t have to point this out but a meteorologist is not a paleoclimatologist.

I would not let a podiatrist do brain surgery on me. Technically, they are both doctors. Only one has the training. Pffft. Scientists. What do they know?

Even MrsC5 has doctor at the front of her name. An actual scientist. It doesn’t mean I would let her do surgery on me beyond some emergency stitches or CPR. NOT that type of doctor. She was smart enough to fall in love with me though. Why is their no PHD in Survivalism. I think I have earned one. I even wrote my short Thesis. https://darkgreenmountainsurvivalresearchcentre.wordpress.com/contact/

But like any absent minded professor, I got a bit distracted there.


We are covering one stubborn piece of Koch Industries, Science Denial propaganda that has dug itself into the public discourse like a tick with Ebola spliced with Syphilis.

In a previous post I wrote, ” What we are covering, in depth today is the full scope of the connection between, Christian Zionism, Anthropomorphic (man made) climate change denialism propaganda and the rise of abrupt, overt  Fascism. As in, the mass slaughter of human beings at the call of the State, empowered by vigilante,  right wing death squads.”

What got me started on this subject was that I gave a chance to another prepper propaganda writer, Michael Snyder, because he was starting to notice that the weather had gone wacky and this would cause food shortages. Maybe he would grow up to be a real grown up collapse writer someday.


His very next article, he was talking about how it was ALL because it’s the Grand Solar Minimum. The Grand Drag-liest of minimums…. and environmentalists and scientists are part of a satanic conspiracy to make conservatives take the mark of the beast. Its in the bible man…..

Micky Snide….. You’ve made C5’s Shit List.

On the whole, M Snyder had already been on that list for many reasons. Not just because he had controlled all the important internet search words any preppers might look up and then be funneled into his many internet pages, but because it would recruit new preppers into his Hal Lindsey like conspiracy drivel.

He is a prime example and proponent of Dispensational Theology which lead to Christian Zionism and also to the rather fucked up ISIS like Reconstructionist Theology which has lead to religious violence on the street and calls for overt Fascism as a spiffy, new life choice.

shit list

shit list 2

If this all looks like the scrawl of someone that is bipolar and off their meds usually written in their own feces and blood… it’s basically because that’s rather true. There is some dead hookers and missing neighbors children buried in that back yard, with a room filled with strings connecting how their huge electrical bill is tied to their missing cat connecting it to the armies of the anti-christ coming for them with butterfly nets. It’s all right there in the bible, man. Oh, Ya. And climate scientists are all in on the conspiracy. This all makes sense to Alex Jones… because he believes some version of it as well…..

…. Insert crickets…..

Meanwhile in the real world…..

( and by the way, I stole the title from this ten year old piece. Watch or don’t let the apocalypse hit you in the ass on your way out)

“This pattern is the thermodynamic fingerprint, the smoking gun, the DNA evidence of human caused greenhouse warming”.

I only feel the need to point these things out to the addled brains of my prepper brethren because I know how many of you have been hoodwinked by a bait and switch, shell game in your attempts to get prepped, by ass hats like Jones, Snyder or anyone with “Prepper” in their YouTube handle.

Also “The planet is warming at the same rate at night as during the day and there is more warming in winter than in summer. And again, more warming at the poles than at the equator”

This next one is even more important to watch because we get onto that whole Grand Solar Minimum, Solar input, Solar Schmolar, part.

If you have a millennials attentions span (or a preppers, for that matter. Ya. I own that. Where am I… and why am I in this hand basket) go to the 9 minute mark.

Solar variance is at the very bottom. A tiny percentage point almost not worth factoring in besides being thorough.

And that report mentioned is INCREDIBLY CONSERVATIVE. Only what can be proved without a shadow of a doubt. Any scientist on the ground doing the work knows it is much worse… and are having trouble coping because of what they are measuring and documenting.

Sooooooo…… How did we get here to guys marching in Polo Shirts (a dead give away. C5 Rule of Survival- Never trust anyone stupid enough to think a COLLAR on a T-Shirt is a good idea) with Tiki Torches. I’ld just laugh at them as Nazi LARPers except for the death tole and the number of them that got badges and got trained over seas

They are heading the call of others that “Took The Kings Coin”

Like this douche and many others like him. Scientists for sale

They are all like this or worse. Lord Moncton? You have got to be pretty fucking gullible and have Zero street cred to not see a proven Con Man. If he had CON MAN tattooed on his forehead like Manson….. I’m too speechless to even continue that train of thought….If you fall for that… I got some hemp to sell you as weed. Good stuff man.

Look. If someone cut me a check for a million dollars, I am going to look you straight in the eye, my adoring fans, and tell you man made global warming is a lie. See my comment about Jessica Jones at the top of the page. No fucked up puba deserves that oil money more than me.

And then their is this guy. We got to him last time as to why he is trying to start a war in IRAN. Spoiler. It is with the intention to create the Apocalypse to force Gods hand and make Jesus Return. Seriously……… But its really about oil theft.

And somehow, this diddler is one of the most powerful people in the world now.

If you cant take one look at his face and not see Con Man… you have zero street cred. Zero. If that is not a personal dis enough, You have Zero chance of surviving The Collapse. You are going to be conned out of your stuff.

Ignorance can be educated. Crazy an be medicated. But there ain’t  no cure for stupid.

If you sell your preps now you can still get a good investment in a Time Share in Florida or California.

Tap. Tap. Is this thing on

“A man went to a newspaper stand, scanned the front page, and then angrily threw the paper away. This went on every morning for years. Finally, the paperboy said, “Sir, what are you looking for?”
“The obituaries,” replied the man.
“But sir,” squeaked the paperboy, “those are on page B-35!”
“When the bastard I’m looking for dies,” replied the man, “it’ll be on the front page.” (Thanks Surly and Re)

David Koch died a few months back. I did have something to say on the matter… but I was rather busy working on my own ongoing Survival/ Adapters strategy to survive all this shit. What I meant to say about Koch was….

Burn in hell, you piece of shit.

One more to go. But it may be too late. He may have taken us all with him. And his soldiers,  gestapo and brown shirts remain.

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And this one, just for me and those my age.

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And hopefully by now you have figured out that the Absent Minded Survivalist Professor is covering some of that up by pulling a Marvel Moment… and putting stuff in the credits.

Since this post is a continuation of the controversial post I put up and said I was going to take down soon. https://darkgreenmountainsurvivalresearchcentre.wordpress.com/2019/10/11/c5-says-the-second-amendment-is-a-double-edged-sword-that-cuts-both-ways/

I left it up just a little bit longer, though knowing doing so would come to my own harm. Its connected to this post though. As much as I might not want to admit it, There is still a bit of Jesus in me. Self sacrifice and all that.

Let’s ,once again, hear from Beau, “I am the dissident your government warned you about”

A few of you might have noticed I have called Trump and the Trumpscateers, Anti-Christ.

Nice to hear another Theologically Educated person say the same. REPENT you pricks!

We need less Second Amendment christians (with a small C) and more SECOND COMMANDMENT Christians. In doing so, they still have a roll to play in saving us from the Anti-Christ and mass starvation. REPENT FUCKERS. Nothing says, “I hate GOD” more than destroying the Eco-life support system of your neighbor… for a few bucks, a bigger house, a newer car and conservative family values. The Antithesis of Christ.

That’s the only “Survival Advice” I got this round. I’ll try to cover, Religion when The Shit Hits The Fan some time before I tap out of writing. People come back here because I give you surprising survival advice that other preppers are just a decade behind figuring out themselves… but will eventually get there if they just keep at it. Expect the same outrageous surprises you are used to from me. I have meant to do “That Post” on what to expect spiritually, under extreme stress, for a few years. I have exposed myself and summoned my courage for many of my posts. “That Post” is the one that is Too Personal… with my cahonies a bit too shriveled and exposed. Not sure I am brave enough for the task.

In the mean time, Rightitties that refuse to adapt are fond of saying to environmentalists, “Give us answers or shut up”. It’s amazing how lies to yourself work so you don’t have to change your behavior.

I can easily provide the answer to that. Its just not what the lying right or even the techno greenies are willing to hear.

Green New Deal: How About A “Low Tech New Deal”?

You may recognize I have been trying to pull off a mini version of that plan, Here at the Dark Green Mountain Survival Research Centre.

Here’s the more complete version of the Solar Schmolar clip above… to help  keep you from being “Swindled”.