C5 Announces Red Alert- Corona Virus/ COVID-19. The Real Deal


Lets skip the usual banter and showmanship this round.

I have been reluctant to do a post like this. More so, I was observing other serious preppers holding back since this began.

I noticed.

I noticed it in myself.

Many of us are used to pointing out risks and problems and then telling people to prepare. This was different though.

We understood this was one of the Worst Case Scenarios. And we understood it was inevitable at some point.

But I noticed preppers were holding back. We were advising caution. We wanted to wait and see. We wanted more information before putting our names behind a sensational claim. We didn’t want to spook our viewers.

And I think a few others may have been going through some of what I was going through. Though we were doing our job of observing and reporting, this was almost too ugly to look at. There was nothing fun about this. Nothing challenging, Nothing that was pushing us to personal improvement. Nothing theoretical. No good guys. No bad guys. No making the world a better place. No gamesmanship.

This was potentially an unstoppable force. Exponential Math in action. Biology in action.


I believe now is the time to inform my readership that THIS IS THE REAL DEAL.

This Is Happening and It’s Just Getting Started.

It has now jumped the point of containment and is unstoppable.

If you have been going through something similar, I’m also speaking out to confirm your suspicions.


This is Category5 and I approve of this unstoppable global pandemic announcement.


I have been reluctant to do this. I warn people of cognitive dissonance. I watch people refuse to look at obvious and unstoppable collapse all the time. This is one of the few times I have been observing it in myself. And I have been observing it in other prepper and collapse aware people as well.

That is telling. When governments say, Don’t Panic, that is the time to panic. When preppers say, Don’t Panic and then get really quiet and calm… that means they are processing the truth of it and are in mild shock.

There were a few steps that got me to this point. A few times of me saying to myself, “I think this might be the real deal.”

I recently decided to take on an apprentice. To mentor a recent collapse aware young man. He had the right attitude and I thought I would help him along so he didn’t fall into the many traps of the prepper and collapse world. How to avoid the Alex Jones’s, Guy McPherson’s and Patriot Fetishists. I’ld help him not to throw away money on the usual prepper gimmicks. I’ld teach him how to store food in a manner that wouldn’t financially harm him. If he came here, I would walk him through the safe use of a chainsaw, let him observe the quantity of wood that will be needed each year, show some gardening and permacuture, walk him through metal recycling yards and other skills like these. MrsC5 would walk him through solar battery management. I’ld point out the few essential but expensive purchases he must work toward but to show all the things he should not purchase. etc.

But before I could get to that, for fear of wasting both our time, I needed to point out the immediate problem. I told him-

-“In the immediate, first problem in front of you…. I think this coronavirus thing is the real deal and is just getting started.”

“You want to make sure you cover some of this now. Mainly food. The rule is, store what you eat. Eat what you store.
That way, you don’t waste what you purchased. Buying a bunch of pasta or rice or oatmeal is something you should be out doing… TODAY. Yesterday would be better. Dont go overboard. Only what you think you would use the next couple years. You’re going to eat it anyhow. These are simply a base to put other food on or in. Storable calories. The oatmeal may start to go rancid after the first year. You want to avoid things with the bran or oils in it as this is what oxidizes and ruins the food.”

“You want a minimum 1 or 2 months food at the moment in case any quarantining happens. Keeping 500 to a thousand, cash on hand is important in case banks decide to close during a quarantine or the markets crash because this is the awaited Black Swan.”

I was comfortable with this because I understood, if nothing happened, it would do him no harm. He would eat the food anyhow. He would spend the cash anyhow.

Many who read me will be light years ahead of that… but for those readers still on the fence, I give you the same simple advice…. because it can do no harm.

I’m also happy to report he is putting my advice into action.

But the reason for this story is to point out that it was the first time I said to someone I have a passing responsibility for, “I think this coronavirus thing is the real deal and is just getting started.”  At the time I also added “I wont say, either way. We’ll just see.”

Clearly, I have now officially passed that line.

Its now time to shake off the shock and denial. Its time to get moving.

We are still ill. I’m past the fevers but this is the type of body shock that will take months to recover from. I hope I can recover and that there is no permanent heart or lung damage. MrsC5 is on antibiotics for pneumonia and it hasn’t quite knocked it out yet so we will be back to the hospital soon in case we have to try a different antibiotic.

In spite of our weakness, we will be taking our own advice and driving into the city tomorrow to top up our supplies, refurbish our small cash holdings and make a few purchases we were requiring for the years jobs. Hauling that up the hill in our condition will be costly. Over the next week, I’ll try to top up our animal feed and our gas storage needs to be cycled and topped up.

The issue is not just the pandemic, not that it will effect supply lines, but that part two of the 2008 financial crash will happen. This is what is referred to as a Black Swan event. As we all know here, the 2008 financial crash was never fixed. It was only papered over by quantitative easing and would return, far worse than the last time at the next Black Swan Event. It almost did last year. The market began to crash but was papered over, once again, but this time by stealth quantitative easing. And at the moment, governments around the world are printing to stabilize the effects so far. They can only hide and downplay that for so long.

Though my readership numbers have been low lately, as usual, I realized it is the right people reading me. The people that can spread the word better than me.

I may be wrong. These folks might have come the exact same info as me independently… but you be the judge. I think the folks at Radio Ecoshock have been listening to me.

Preparing as Corona Virus COVID-19 Goes Global

If you scroll down you’ll notice a few people I pointed out. It seems too specific to be random. If you are reading this from Radio Ecoshock, welcome…. and I sort of understand why people keep me their little secret. I’m the collapse worlds  SCOOTER. Fun to ride but you don’t want your friends to see you.

Clearly my humor is returning… so I might as well end as I usually do. With a song.

We were walking though Salvador City at night down a dark, unfamiliar road. Not a particularly safe thing to do… but its what we do. It was the last few days before we left and we wanted some Chinese food because we were desperately in need of comfort food. On the return, I realized how much of my mind was consumed with the Corona-virus pandemic. Enough so, I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings. Not safe. I said to myself the first time, “I think this might be the real deal”. Right at that moment we passed a roadside canteena, I realized Spanish music wasn’t coming out of the bar. It was this song….. and I said to myself and the universe, “Oh! Seriously? Are You Kidding Me? ”


4 thoughts on “C5 Announces Red Alert- Corona Virus/ COVID-19. The Real Deal

  1. To me, the sign that this is a lot more serious than politicians and media want us to believe, is the lack of criticism of government action in a parliamentary system. To your American Readers, in a parliamentary System, the Opposition is expected to criticise the Government – whatever it does. In times when little is happening or certain pols want to thrust themselves into prominence, this can have absurd and irritating consequences. Even when no-one can disagree with an action, the Opposition, would say, for example…well you should have it sooner.

    That not a single German pol has criticised anything SCREAMS at me that they think it is more serious than they’re letting on.

    Keep up the good work, C5.


  2. I came for the cool bicycles, and stayed for the useful adaptations!

    If the is the beginning of the end, well, it could be worse. (Global freezing from Yellowstone!) So, it’s a good thing I have lots of medical herbalism books, they might come in handy – for whomever finds them.

    I personally wouldn’t trust the media to tell the truth about anything, instead I see it more as a trend prediction device. So even if kung flu isn’t real, the effects of the lack of manufacturing and transportation certainly is. And that’s the big worry for me.

    I’m glad you found a successor!

    Thank you.


  3. All the anecdotal evidence belies the central truth that the published numbers are nowhere close. A business partner of a friend of mine is still in China. He reported that in December, there were already tens of thousands w/ the virus and a lot of deaths. First death wasn’t reported until late January.
    Watching those exponential numerical increases in S. Korea and Italy jump over the last three days…
    Got wheat?
    Houston, we have a problem.


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