C5’s year in review- Rise of the Planet Of The Karens- Forsythia And Fascism

Being older and wiser now… I would have stabbed baby Hitler in the throat.

What? What are we doing here? I guess we are jumping straight in.

With your Host, Category5.

I really tried to send you all warning notes about some of the disasters that were quickly approaching, since I stopped this blog. I really did. Too late now. Those disasters played themselves out as I predicted… but you never got to hear it from me.

Based on the numbers of people that just kept compulsively coming to my home page, over and over, but not to read old articles, I could tell people were waiting for me to give my sagely survivalist opinion. People were hoping I would fulfill my promise when I wrote, “I might come out of writing retirement to warn you all when I see the next disaster approaching”.

I really tried. I even started this article about 6 times. Each time it bogged down into commentary instead of the Survival/Prepping/Adapter advice I try to share with people.

But a growing anger in both me and MrsC5 over The Rise Of The Karens and Forthynsia salesmen kept consuming the entire article… soooo…. we cant start there, lest this writing attempt bogs down again.

O.K. Enough about you. Lets talk about me for a while.

This was the all consuming job of the year. I really burnt out on this one. Sure, It’s not going to show up on the cover of “Better Homes and Survivalists” but I have always hated those Pop Prepper Magazines sold nowadays that are just so kindergarten survivalist preschool that sell a false image and are just an excuse to sell you shiny stuff that you don’t need. Martha Stewart can suck it.

I didn’t chose to do this barn job. The job chose me. The old, rotting, leaky, leaning barn was one big blow away from collapsing. It was always a danger to the house and propane tanks. I had a more relaxing plan for the year. Time was up though. No rest for the Wiccan.

Sure. It’s not a very impressive building. Basically a big shed made out of 50 percent plus recycled materials… but it does qualify as a research project, here at the Dark Green Mountain Survival Research Centre, with nifty ideas built in. I told folks “I am turning the old barn into a Stealth Bomber”, just to see their eyes glaze over in that “Does not compute. C5 may be a threat to himself and others”, look on their face.

If I was going to be forced to do this job, against my will, I had some criteria. #1, It had to be Hurricane/Super Storm resistant, since that is what forced this job upon me in the first place. Well, Duh. #2, It had to be Forest Fire/Grass Fire resistant. Double Duh. #3, It had to outlive me (which was pretty ambitious considering the amount of wood rot and lack of a foundation) . #4, I had to be able to build it as one person with no real technical construction experience and no heavy machinery… and #5, I had to pull off this job for less than a thousand bucks. (Canadian dollars, 2021 adjusted, spring, 2021, before inflation and shortages hit with a resounding thump that shook the world)

That last part, I dont think most people could pull off. Knowing shortages and price increases was approaching fast, I purchased MOST of the materials last year. Some in a panic before the snow fell as there was no guarantee there would be any commerce happening by the spring. The fragility of the Just In Time, Delivery System has been something us preppers have been warning you about for years. Why is everyone so surprised? It was inevitable. Well, Duh. When the trucks stop, everything stops.

(worth bringing back a second listen)

Full disclosure. I went a bit over budget (but not by much)… and found I only had about 2/3 the materials I needed. I figure about half the cost was spent on fasteners. By fasteners, I mean Galvanized Nails (remember the rule- Nail the ones you love. Screw the ones you don’t), Roberson Screws for the less structural points and most importantly, 2 inch Roof and Siding Screws. If you are not familiar with those, they have a steel washer and a rubber gasket built in… and they are brutally expensive… but essential.

C5 Rule of Survival- Any essential build will take twice as long and cost three times as much.

C5 Rule of Survival- If you want to impress me as to how good of a Prepper you are, don’t show me your AR15.Yawn. Show me your sheet metal collection. Show me your nail and screw collection. Show me your shelving.

C5 Rule of Survival- Never Enough Dry Storage.

Here is another one I made up this year…

C5 Rule of Survival- The difference between a Prepper and a Survivalist is, well,… the amount of Shelving. The difference between an Adapter and a Prepper is…INFRASTRUCTURE!

This year has been all about Infrastructure.

Stealth Bomber. I used twice as many Roofing Screws in this project than any roofer would. Hellooo. Hurricanes. No winds were going to rip the roof off. If a blow was going to take the building, it would have to take the entire building. Every edge and corner was folded over so there is nothing for the wind to grab onto.

(The reason it was not a speedy build…each of those ridges needed to be hammered flat on the corners and each ridge cut with a grinder before folding the roof over)

For now, I just wanted to show you what I did with all that recycled barn metal. I told readers I would use some of your donations to this page to purchase recycled barn metal from the metal scrap yard. I figure I owe you to show you what I did with it. The research part Survival Research Centre

If you want to know what I learned, here is my advice. If you are looking for something to spend your hard earned Prepper dollars on… to put on all that shelving… for the apocalypses… which has already arrived…. might I suggest Roofing Screws… in bulk. Gold wont keep a roof on.

Speaking of which, if you are looking for something to do to keep yourself away from a bunch of infected Karen Zombies threatening store keepers, nurses and school teachers, and you just happen to have a steel roof (fire proof) on your house like any good prepper should (goddess help you if you are trying to purchase that now), might I suggest doubling the amount of screws holding your roof on before the winds and tornadoes turns it into a kite. Going up into the attic and reinforcing the attachments of the roof structure to the building itself might also be in order. I wish I had got on that job before filling the space with insulation. Into the future, as the weather gets worse, you might want to contemplate Stealth Bombering your entire house… like a giant armadillo…streamlining it so it doesn’t depart Kansas and end up in Oz. There’s no place like home.

Like my greenhouse… but built more like a Tank….and fire proof.(a fire proof barrier between a fire storm and the main building that you rely on to not die of hypothermia and where all your food is stored).

That there is some quality mental popcorn to think about. I’m not really expecting to see suburban homes suddenly turning into armadillo stealth bombers. I’m just putting the concept in your head as something in your tool kit.

It may seem unlikely that anyone would do this… but my friends, Mythos and Logos did just that.

(Sorry. No new photos. You will just have to picture it in your head)

They started like this years ago before cobbing it all in… then it expanded.

It’s my “House Within A House” concept. People will be facing electrical and gas shortages this winter… and into the future. The house within a house concept creates space insulation like a wind breaker or wet suit over the house.

That is what Mythos and Logos did. Mythos fist bumped me recently, smiles and said “House within a house”.

All 4 walls now have space insulating rooms surrounding the tiny house.

Before I get to lots of pretty pictures of our own build… and a call for a culling of Karens… This was the other “True experiment” I did (mainly by choice) this year. I gotta keep those future free-range Karens out. It’s the beginning of turning the house into a Compound… without looking like a compound. It’s the “Living Fence” Redux. The reinforced version.

I’m putting into practice, the fencing technique I learned down in El Salvador.

Its sort of a part 2 to this post, for those just coming to the Dark Green Mountain now.

This is how my old, living willow fence is looking in it’s forth year. Now that we know its growth rate, the new and improved, fortified, compound fence should look something like this in about four to five years….

…but be useful to slow people (or animals) down, immediately.

If you want to know why was this an Experiment, a Research project, it is simply that I could not picture in my head what 1200 feet of barbed wire in a roll would look like. How much could a 100$ roll actually secure? I couldn’t visualize it.

Remember, I purchased this back when the pandemic was just getting started and information was unreliable.

I wanted to know what this baby could do. Now I do. Yup. It is, by far, the most economical way to get a security fence in quickly. Well, bless them Central Americans and their first hand, survival skills. I photographed it so now you too can visualize what a roll of barbed wire can accomplish.

I wanted to close in this space as entry denial and a visual screen, and was pleased with the results

That is seven strands of light gauge wire, It wraps around the evergreen tree and goes over to the bus where a gate will be put in. Its 5 ft tall but will get taller as the willow grows. There will be 3 peeled sticks in between the posts so the wire can’t be pulled apart… like this…

…but I never got to that, this year. Wood only peels at a certain time of year and I missed it.

I was pleased. I would have been fine with that. Thing is, there was still this much left on the roll

Well, lets keep going. Lets see what this baby can do.

I only got 5 strands in before I ran out. Now we know. This is what 400 meters of wire can accomplish..I promptly bought 3 more rolls. I will willow that in, first thing in the spring. Then I will start the next wall of the “Secured Zone”

I had the new people that live here help on the project for a few hours. It wasn’t for the free labor. Sneaky fellow that I am, it was un-solicited apprenticeship. Over the summer,(and into the future) they got to watch the willow growth. About a fifth of the willow didn’t take and we will patch those holes by replanting, first thing in the spring. Now they also know, first hand, the effort to reward value, so they can implement it themselves, if they wish. (for those newly arriving, the willow must be cut while it is still winter dormant or just budding and got as deep in the ground, 1-2ft, as soon as the ground thaws. I use a breaker bar to make the hole). They also got to observe how many bees (plant pollinators) the willow attract in the spring. The whole 4 year old fence fence is buzzing audibly in the spring as they draw sugars from it. This has them all in the area, fed and healthy, once the fruit trees throw flowers, which keeps them around, fed and healthy for when they need to pollinate the gardens.

Yes. You heard me correct. Other people live here now. That is a big story of the year.

Some of you might remember, a few articles back, I reported, “I failed. I had failed at the one job I could not afford to fail at. I was supposed to have multiple families living here… before the shit hit the fan. I had failed”. It was a depressing resignation.

I may have called my failure prematurely.

It seems a world shattering pandemic was all that was necessary to make people re-evaluate their lives and decide whether they want to continue doing the same old things they were previously doing. It also made ME seem a lot less loopy to others for doing what I do.

Before the pandemic, it was just MrsC5 and myself. Now there is Five. We are also in negotiations with five others.

Before continuing the pretty pictures, lets get back to that decapitating baby Hitler part.

A few theologians with Doctor or M-div (Master of Divinity) at the front of their names, philosophers and ethicist Profs will be going, “Where are you going with this, C5? We taught you better. Are you going there? Really?”

I attract a more intelligent breed of Prepper, Adapter, Permaculturist or all round Doomer to this blog than the general survivalist herd. Even still, of the hundreds of you that will read this. Only a few of you reading me will immediately know what I am talking about here.

It is a teaching tool. It is the moral conundrum, “If you could go back in time, would you kill baby Hitler?”

When confronted with this from theologians in my early 20s, my immediate response was “Yes”…. and within a couple minutes realized I had made a morally wrong decision. Baby Hitler was innocent at that point. He was just a kid. He had done nothing wrong.

I would have been hunted down as a mentally deranged baby killer. Any claim of, “Wait a minute. I just came back in time to sacrifice myself to save the world from a genocide”, would have had me sitting in a prison for the criminally insane… at best.

Conventional ethics would say, Hitler could have been turned around with the right influences, back when he was just a failed artist in university. A poor, loser artist… not unlike myself.

A duck laid an egg then walked away. This broody mother hopped on it, sat for the required time, then took over raising it

Awe. A feel good moment. Survival against the odds. Cant we all just get along?

I learned this was a thing. Back in the day, the kids or granny would be sent out to look for wild duck or geese eggs in ground nests. They would be brought home in a pocket, then placed under a broody hen. A new skill in your Adapter quiver.

Then, Its body was found. No idea what happened. I was worried it was the dogs. Maybe rejection by the chickens or other ducks. Maybe rats. Then two more ducklings died that were getting quite big already. Those two were raised by ducks.

We eventually figured it might be the Drake killing off any competition. It is a thing. Something had to be done to save the last two new ducklings.

The mothers, as psycho as they can be defending their young, couldn’t handle a big, aggressive male, murderously defending his privilege. (You know where I am going with this by this point)

Out came the 10-22 for a head shot to stun it and bring it to the ground before chopping off the head.

(A drake is a lot bigger than chickens and I didnt want to chase it unsuccessfully or risk hurting myself, wrestling it. Too old for that shit)

No more dead ducklings or chicks. Problem solved

I’m not a youth any more exploring my place in the history of humanity and my moral place in it… as I wait for my own inevitable death

I know my role.

I would stomp on baby Hitlers head.

Welcome to the roller coaster ride that is me, sharing the complexities of surviving at the end of the beginning of the Age Of Consequence. That time when all the baby Hitlers of the world are all grown up now and see their opportunity for a Part II.

(If I am going to die, I am going to die, well dressed). I have been saving that T-shirt for years for just this type of event to happen. It always gets a subdued chuckle or nod of approval, usually from that one guy in any crowd or store I have had to face entering during the pandemic. From the smartest guy in the room.)

I got my full 2 shots of Moderna when my age bracket came available.

We weren’t in a rush, letting as many others go first, because we probably got covid early and our lifestyle that provides decent quarantine from others. But I have lost about half my lung capacity since, I understand about losing immunity over time… and if I get infected again, I will most likely die. It has made the years work… much more challenging.

It sucks that I even have to do this post. Got better things to do. It is the fucking apocalypse, after all. ALL my doomer predictions have pretty much come to pass this year.

That I have to lead by example, “Preppers”…people that should know better, is just a daily face palm.

Did you not watch the movie, Contagion?

(That is a must watch… or the title wont make sense. It’s a couple minutes of your life. Just do it)

Did you not read the book, The Hot Zone?

Hell, did you not even watch the ending of Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes?

Instead, they have been jacking off in their moms basement or man caves to the book Patriots or The Turner Diaries or Left Behind

Leadership and leading by example has been a big theme for me this year. I’m not the type that wants to lead or inspires confidence in others. I have been wrestling with the concept of “what is leadership” for years and “Why the fuck is this landing on me. I’m not the guy people look to for leadership. I’m the guy leaders look for to “scapegoat” for their own failures or simply to grasp power at times like these, at the advice of professional and highly paid Ad agencies, spin doctors and right wing think tanks, paid for by power brokers..

That I have to tell “Preppers” to pull up their fucking panties and grow a set, is truly embarrassing. Karen’s that call themselves patriots ruined the prepper movement and turned it into the joke that it is today. A Killing Joke.

You say you are willing to die for your country? Prove it, Buzz Lightbeer.

Was there some risk from the vaccine. You bet’cha. About as much complication risk as taking Birth Control pills.

“It’s as safe as any medicine ever produced. The mRNA vaccine is safer than any vaccine ever produced because it’s made in a way that is inherently more targeted and less prone to contamination or allegen inclusion, using a technology that is new to the public but that has been successfully used in human cancer treatment for 20 years.” (C Stuart Hardwick) Tip of the hat to Irv Mills

But I understand… if you have Vagina Problems… as in… PUSSIES!

About this point, some “Preppers” will stop reading.

Dont let the door hit you in you roid rage on the way out. Karens. Pfft.

Now, this is what facing Danger and “Just Get’er Done” looks like.

Look Ma. No Workers Comp approved safety harness.

All through that day I kept repeating the mantra, “Oh no. Nothing sketchy about doing this job, whatsoever.” as it rocked back and forth with each wind blow and I worried about having to be cut out with chainsaws if it collapsed on me mid job. I fell through the rotting floor boards a few times messing up my knee for the week. Part two of that little repeated mantra was, “If I am going to die, lets just fucking get it over with”, each time I though I might do a header and face plant, off into the piles of nail filled lumber. I had to center myself to control the shakes and I almost puked a couple times from the adrenaline. Stomach acid and coffee up into my mouth that had to be forced back down. I sat down once because I thought I might faint. It took two days to recover as people my age don’t recover from adrenaline as fast anymore.

The job just had to get done. I didn’t have “A Choice” in the matter. It was, Do It Or Risk Inevitable Cascading Collapse, at an uncontrolled time, doing huge amounts of costly, life threatening damage. Probably during a large storm when I dont want the main house to suddenly have a large hole in it, where the winds would want to peel it like an orange.

I was reminded of Dmitri Orlov’s words from, The Five Stages Of Collapse. It kept echoing in my head through the job.

“All things that must collapse eventually do. All empires collapse—no exceptions. All buildings collapse—unless they are demolished first. All Ponzi schemes—such as the current financial system, based on runaway debt—collapse when you least expect them to. Seeing as collapses aren’t optional, it makes sense to get used to the idea of them happening, and to learn how make the best of them. Some people consider this and are filled with grief. As I pointed out before, collapse is the worst possible time to suffer a nervous breakdown, so please get your blubbering over with ahead of time.”

I wouldn’t say I was suffering a nervous breakdown…No… but I wasn’t at the top of my game as spring hit. It was hard to get motivated to face pain. The pain of the years work load. The pain of having to watch people being stupid daily just for a reconnoiter of what needed to be dodged next. Some physical pain as well. It’s been a long trip on the road to Collapse. I’m just tired.

Smarter minds would have just pulled down the entire structure. But I wanted to save the barn roof beams. Something from another age, not easily replaced. If those came down, there would be no chance I could get them back up again on my own. (sort of like democracy, freedom, science, literacy… or vaccines for small pox, polio, measles, or the next inevitable pandemic. Ya. I told a younger apprentice, he will see two or three more pandemics in his lifetime. A stable climate is already lost. It’s gone forever)

You can see the level of variance from collapse and rot I was dealing with here. The lean. I could only save three walls… and I needed to save them… or start from scratch for a far lesser and more expensive… shed. Lumber costs were through the roof at this point. Luckily I had pre purchased the important materials, having seen shortages as an inevitable result of the pandemic. A 2×4 saved was a 2×4 earned.

(quick note. notice how the old barn was bucked up to be turned into winter heat for the swing seasons. A fire log saved is a fire log earned)

Sorry there are no photos before this point with the front wall gone or the roof going in. It was a high stress, high stakes game that I am only starting to recover from, now into november. Burn out has hit all of us hard this year.

From this point on, it was a desperate race against time, battling the elements. A big wind storm was coming at some point and if the whole project wasn’t built and skinned in by that point, it would just become a sail and would tare itself apart. This was also the point where we immediately jumped from cool, dreary spring into a heatwave that pretty much continued to the fall with with only a few brief periods of reprieve. Scary, end of the world, lethal levels of heat and humidity. Funny how we are all sort of ignoring that now that it has cooled down again. The world munching down on blue pills by the handful… and not the fun kind.

Enter exhibit #2 into evidence.

Even my dog had to wear a mask. He didn’t get “A Choice” in the matter. Like a lot of male Karens out there, he had become a threat to himself and others. He developed a heat rash fungal infection and like anti vaxxers, he was too stupid to let us help him and would bite, in a panic if we tried to get some anti-fungal cream on his red and spreading dick sores. Also, like Karens, he was just too stupid to keep from liking himself raw and spreading the infection further. It was quickly changing from a fungal infection to a potential blood infection on the licked raw and seeping sores creeping to other parts of his body.

Unlike the anti vax, climate change denying, anti mask, violent, threatening and armed, flash mob, fascist collaborator, anti lock down, easily propagandized Karens…. I like my dog.

I like him enough that I will try to save his life even if it means tough love.

The Karens?….. not so much.

Off to the vet he went for his “mandatory shot” to make him sleep so the area could be shaved, disinfected and a drug regiment started. I’m a little pissed at how costly this is.

Then he had to wear “The cone of shame” until he came to heal and was willing to be a good boy again.

I’ll get back to dealing with virus collaborators later… but keep this in mind….

When the Nazi occupation was over, collaborators weren’t treated very nicely

Too Far?…

The official death toll hit 5 million a few days ago. That number might trigger a memory of another guy with outrageous fashion sense, or fascion sense if you will, almost a hundred years ago, who also ended the mandatory vaccination policy in his own country because he had an agenda of thinning out the people he considered weak. Some one who’s advertising strategy was, quite literally, “Make Germany Great Again”.

And who also had gathered a militia of Stormtroopers in the beer halls of ex soldiers, police and the unemployed, financed by wealthy Right Wing industrialists, to go fight socialists in the streets in mob attacks… and also tried to storm their parliament. They, also, failed their First Attempt.

Sooo…… using the “Mandatory vaccines equals Nazis” might not be the way you want to go. It shows your lack of education. As in, it makes you look dumb. Also, you might want to rethink calling it “Orwellian”. In the book 1984, George Orwell was warning against….. you guys. A Fox News world, controlling the population though a constant stream of gaslighting, to consolidate cult like belonging… by giving people their 2 minutes of hate.

If this seems like a Trump Rally or Fucker Carlson screed, fear not, you are not alone.

The whole point of all their propaganda is to get you to not believe your eyes. That The Leader is the only arbiter of Truth is the point. Complete Control. When The Leader say’s 2 plus 2 equals 5, over and over, the election was stolen, fake pandemic, fascists are good people, democrats are demon possessed vampire child cannibals, global warming isn’t real, vaccines will make you magnetic and track you to get you abducted by aliens for anal raping because the vaccine was intended to make you gay…… the good Oath Keeping Patriots of Oceania truly see 5.

“Dude! It’s 4. 2+2=4. Believe your eyes. Its hot outside. The majority of people are disgusted by Adolf Trump. 5 million are DEAD because of you. The real number is over double that but who’s counting.” isnt going to work against someone who consistently see’s 5 in every situation.

Its time for “The Cone Of Shame”

Plus a muzzle…. and a leash… and a god damned cattle prod if necessary.

‘Cause the next desperate action will be putting Ol’ Yeller down.

Sorry if some of you reading this are feeling butt hurt… but you did it to your self.

Speaking of butt hurt, It’s time for a musical interlude to swing this back around. Hit it DJ-C5….

OK. Enough about you. Let’s talk about me for a while.

(That never gets old; )

Oh. Look. It’s the Tactical, Shit Hits The Fan, Ladder in action. I got it the same day I got that barbed wire in the photo up the page. Good times. Sort of like I had a multi year apocalypse plan or something.

I was so stressed about the build being destroyed by a big blow that I could not stop till we got to this point. Safe on second. Only half way there… but it would stay up at this point.

The heat was killing me… and Shogun. He had been in Lock Down in the house for most of the summer. We will have to shave him each spring from here on in or he wont make it. Oh, joy. More vet costs for the nappy nap because it’s not like he is going to allow us to do it.

The getting up early to get a few hours in before the heat hit, then hiding in the house was really starting to affect me. Not just the heat and stress, but sleep deprivation was taking a huge toll, both mentally and physically. Its only now, in November, after close to a month on the couch, in a netflix daze am I starting to return to my usual sleep cycle and not feeling sick all the time. Age caught up to me this year. I was worried this was permanent but I seem to be slowly returning to myself. Life has to change for me though. If the heat is just going to keep going up, I have to rearrange how my yearly work cycle goes. I got’ta start my year a bit earlier in the srpring and bow out for the entire summer. Nothing more than some light weeding the garden and watering before heading to the beach to stay cool. Then back at it in the Fall. Both me and MrsC5 really lost a large part of our harvest season this year… because we were just DONE. That wont work in years to come. “Rest up till Autumn” will have to become a new mantra. Reserve your strength for harvest and getting things done again once it cools. Not, burnt out by Fall.

So. I was hoping I was close to half way done by this point. No luck. Then I had to start buttressing the roof so next years snow load wouldn’t rune all my work. This took forever, working in a steel box in the middle of a 4 month heat wave. Adding ventilation will have to wait till next year.

I’m not a carpenter or construction worker. Just saying. I’m just a puzzle solver that gets though one job, then figures out what the next problem is. It was mental, more than physical. Mental takes a higher toll.

MrsC5 was hoping she would get a barn repair that would last another ten year. Instead, she fell in love with me once more when she realized I had pulled off this.

Here is the “Theory” of this build. If hurricane winds hit from this direction or from the window and door front, It is braced by this

If the northern, winter winds come from this direction, they should go up and over… while pinning the structure to the ground

I call these the “Lean to’s”. Boy Scouts and bush craft people will get the term. An easy to build shelter. You don’t have to be a genius or engineer to figure out a Lean To.

(I stole this image from Belfast Bushcraft. Thank you….. so don’t sue me. Fair use for education in the copywrite laws and all that. I just used it for the STRIKING simultaneity….when looking for a lean to photo. Yikes. Well, there is nothing new under the sun )

The Lean To’s made up for a bit of the storage loss from ditching the second story “Hay Loft”

FYI. Uhm…. I had only collected a certain amount of that particular type of recycled barn material. That was all I could find. Turns out, it was the EXACT number of long sheets for the job. Spooky. As the job was nearing completion, and I was calculating it out in my head near the end in a panic, worried about it, It suddenly dawned on me that I had the exact amount. No more. No less.

Hum…. Woo hoo! Cult Leader status. The gods have the wheel.

I wish. If I could have pulled off Cult Leader, I would have played that card. I would have morally compromised myself if that was what it took to save others lives. Remember, I’m the guy that would run over baby Hitler. No luck on being cult leader, though. I have the whole Repulser vibe going on. Always have.

Let’s back track that story. Worry not. I remain comfortably agnostic in all things.

People live here now… all thanks to my experiments building with Shipping Containers… and this blog. Hold on. More photo’s to get the ball rolling.

I have been saving that window for years. Only the most obsessive C5 fans will remember it from long ago.

Yup. That’s the one. Two cars later and a lot of awkward storage years, it finally made it’s way in place.

That first container became this a few years ago. It provided temporary housing as new folks set up their own housing systems.

This other one is a work in progress

(edit. You’ve seen me do this before. Randomly telling you I did a huge edit. What writer would tell you that? Soooo unprofessional. It’s the personal side I share with readers. I’m not trying to present myself as one of the fake “Experts” selling you something. In this case I cut out about a weeks writing, of telling you about the people that live here now… and thinking about it. Good and funny stories…with one or two tragedy stories. That might have worked when this was just for friends an family… but it is irrelevant now that a larger audience has made it known they want my opinion on events. It took a full day just to make that decision… and to let you know why this took so long. More important issues were pressing )

I woke up rather pissed about how some well known prepper pop stars and Youtube economists have been “spinning” events to match the narrative they have been trying to sell you for years or decades. Never let a good pandemic go to waste. Michael Snyder is still at the top of my Shit List. And he keeps coming back like a cockroach infestation after a heavy spraying.

It’s Jude Law in the movie, Contagion, but on many fronts. Thus why I put that youtube clip in, up the page. If you bypassed that video, go back and watch it. Why?

This was predictable. IT WAS PREDICTABLE and should have been epected. It should have been a warning. Any prepper historian with a few partial collapses and observed, failed collapse prophesies under their belt should have known the cockroaches would rise to the surface again. I’ve said it before. Snyder is just the demon spawn reincarnation of Hal Lindsey from the 70s failed biblical predictions but he has intentionaly tamped down the Jerry Farwel side… like Satan… because it just wouldn’t spin well in today’s world.

Clearly we are going with an 80″s musical theme this round. Just wait to see what I end this post with as my rather depressing prognostication.

I didn’t really mean to go off on cockroach Snyder. I was after bigger silver fish. More popular, funded Propagandists that appeared out of nowhere quoting the cockroach as an expert on shipping and economics. I’m just Shit Hits The Mansplaining this to those that think he might sound reasonable because he isn’t saying outright that he has been spinning events to fit into his twisted biblical prophesy world. It’s the Shit Hits The Fan Plan guy, which sounded kick ass, post 2008 financial crash, but is as dated as his man grooming. He re-tooled his blog to come across as some expert on economics. I wouldn’t even bother blowtorch baby Hitler-ing him. He’s just a skin suit wearing, nerd mother fucker in the burbs.

No nerd hate intended there. Me and another Crew member were doing a hard push day on the Dark Green Mountain. He was planting nut trees while I was pounding nails. I made a Monty Python comment. He came back with an Archer comment. The hammer fell from my hand and my head dropped. I looked up to him and said, “We are such incredible nerds”. He just grinned and fist bumped me. A touching, bro moment. Back to dirt and lumber we went.

My intention was to hammer an Angry Little Prepper or two. Not a baby Hitler. Just baby Hitler COLLABORATORS. Stick with me here. Let me pound this finishing nail in before I pound in a 9 inch nail. I need you to understand how devious Spin Doctoring is. I’m Going Full Asshole, here.

I am bilingual. I speak two languages. English… and Ass Hole. French Canadians will be rolling there eyes at that. Since Asshole has become the primary language of the internet, the Prime Directive dictates that I do not interfere in less evolved cultures. (a bit of nerd love there)

Generally when a white hood wearing mother fucker say’s “Speak English”, my response is “You first”. They are really asking me to speak Asshole.

My readers from England will be saying. “Tossers”.

Speaking the Queens proper Asshole here. Who do you want to listen to for advice on Surviving the collapse of siphilization?

This biblical comb-over hobbit….

The 80’s called. They want their Fu Manchu mustaches and Spiritual Soldier Of Fortune magazines back.

…… or will you trust THIS guy to walk into the apocalypse with….

That was a cheap shot. I Know it. You Know it. I’ll try to book some time to feel guilty about it later.

The cockroach started reappearing recently with explanations about Collapse that sound truthful….. unless you catch the spin doctoring in the background. I hear it. I know the subject matter.

New-comers needing to understand what was happening with shortages and the price inflation that has been happening lately will have to navigate this propaganda minefield. True stuff. It’s the lies slipped in that has made me have to go, “I am outing you as a deliberate fraud”. It’s intentional. It’s NOT, “Cut the guy some slack. He missed some information”. No. This is forsythia salesmanship at it’s worst. Get in there to sell a placebo. Blame shit on people tying to stop global warming….because that must be a sinister conspiracy to give people the number of the beast.

That plays well with people under stress. People in fear. “Could it be…Satan?”. Then blame it all on lock downs and vaccine mandates. Oh the humanity, that Biological Terrorists might be asked to stop killing people. Douche canoes with vagina problems will get to say, “Told you. Number of the beast. You are being persecuted for your freedom” and other nonsensical, double digit IQ bullshit from people that need to blame their own failures at life on Queers, Liberals and Black Lives Matter. (or a secret cabal of satanists that somehow run the world)

Even SURLY at the Collapse Chronicles has missed this and been posting the cockroach recently.

OK, douche canoe, Michael Cockroach Snyder. I am calling you out. Just say JESUS. You are selling End Times prophesy in disguise but not saying Jesus out loud. You and I know the con will be up and you will lose all your ill gotten 15 minutes of fame and the money it brings in if you proclame it is all about Jesus and Hal Lindsey like prophesy. Mid Millenial Rapture, if my memory serves me correctly. No. post Millenial? Either way… Pre, mid or post doesn’t really matter.

It was a “New Religious Movement” (Cough..Cult) among survivalists back in the fall out of the energy crisis of the 70’s. Never let an Energy Crisis go to waste. These would eventually become the North American chistian version of ISIS. Reconstructionism. They get violent when you point this out…. but it is what it is.

It’s conversion and recruitment time once again.

Repent, cockroach. Out of the darkness. Come into the light.

Are you ashamed of Jesus? No? Prove it Buzz Lightchristian.

I can say Jesus. I can even speak in his name with his authority… using The Good Samaritan clause in The Gospel according Saint Luke.

For those that miss the context, Samaritans were considered Heretics and were hated by the Israelite’s of the day. You can sub in The Good Muslim, The Good Homosexual, The Good Liberal or… The Good Witch if you like.

Jesus’s point in it? It’s your actions and not your beliefs that defines whether you are following God… or not.

Why am I being so viscous?

It’s the 5 to 16 million dead. Technically, after the first million, the rest were murders.

Did I mention that I am pissed…… but not particularly surprised. It’s pretty much all playing out as I suspected. Millions more dead to go. The rise of Christofascists has just been part of my collapse math equations for a while. I dont mean all Christians here. We can really use a bit of traditional Christianity as Cascading Collapses plays out. I wish them well. Traditional Christianity that focuses on the Beatitudes, The Good Samaritan (Luke 10-25 to 37), That part where Jesus separates the goats from the sheep (Matthew 25-31 to 45). All worth reading again.

More Second Commandment and less Second Amendment.

Churches that push their communities to service, the denial of the self interest and self sacrifice, a call to examine deep inside your soul to see your own compromise and corruption… That would be helpful at times like these. Also when the church has to make a call out to fill sand bags, get a harvest in or help out all those who need help. Or a call out to get a God Damned Vaccine in the middle of a God Damned pandemic to avoid breaking the 6th Commandment.

That would be helpful.

There is no biblical opt out clause for those claiming religious exemption. The only scripture that immediately comes to mind is, “There is nothing that goes into the body that makes a man Un-Clean. It is what comes out of a mans mouth that makes him Un-Clean.”

The Old Testament also had some pretty strong QUARANTINE rules

So, REPENT, mother fuckers.

I’ll get to all the Angry Little Preppers and Epic Fail Economist, Youtube narcissist Nazis a bit later.

Best to bare my fangs sparingly…. and chew in small bites.

Insert random photo to switch stories and anger levels.

Better to lead by example

(quick note to slip in here. The first killing frost just hit on November 4. There is nothing normal about that. About a month ago, a few people were saying, “Has anyone else noticed that we haven’t had to scrape our windshields yet?”)

I never made my goal of having 5 years of firewood in reserve (Did I mention the brutal heat wave) but I think I am up to about 3 and a half years worth, The firewood savings plan, beyond the normal yearly firewood.

(speed seasoning the wood in the greenhouse. I hate leaving wood outside like that but I am going to shuffle it in for next winter once I clear up some space burning some this winter)

This is a good point to remind people about their Five F’s. That would be C5’s F5’s. Snappy tittle.

Food Storage. Food Production. Firewood. Fuel Storage (short term) and Friends (long term)

Without that, You get a Big F on the prepper report card.

That’s, Failed, Forsaken, Feudalism and Fascism Forever.

I also would have accepted Fucked, Fingered and Far From home. That would get a C- minus grade. Needs improvement. I’m talking to YOU, all you Bug Out Preppers. You do not want to be Fucked, Fingered and Far From home. How is that still a thing?

Because of very minor fossil fuel shortfalls this year, a cascading system of failures will ensue this winter. Some people will not survive it. If you heat with electricity, gas or heating oil, this could become a very unpleasant winter for you. There will be interruptions and it will happen when you need it the most.

Lets push aside the future corpseicles for a moment.

Some of you also might receive energy bills that you can not afford or will not financially recover from. “Honey? Why did we just get a ten thousand dollar energy bill? For the last two weeks?. We are ruined !” as happened to people in Texas last winter.

Lets drive the nail home.

These were two not so glamorous photos that were almost not worth putting in. That is some of what was left of the barn. Gnarly, rotted, nail filled and difficult to stack. Must pick up a kitty litter clump remover to get the nails out of the wood ash. No construction dumpster or burn pile for us. That is energy. It’s to be burned in the wood stove during the swing seasons to save the precious logs.

Here is why I have… shown you my wood… before I tuck it away.

True story. Some people from my extended social group came by for a visit. (we’ll be weeding them out from the “Trusted” crew because they violated trust recently, not revealing their vaccine status. They’re done). Either way, they saw me stacking wood. The amount of it. I got a passive aggressive comment about it. “Why so much”, like it might be a mental illness issue or sign of selfishness. I responded with my usual humor. “It’s my retirement savings plan. I have been saving up to have a heart attack. I’ve been trying to book one for years now. I’ve just been too busy preparing for Collapse to fit one in and I can finally have one. Maybe next year.”

What I didn’t say out loud to them was that I was going to have to make the mental switch to concentrating HEAVILY on SECURITY. Having a buffer of wood would mean I didnt have to make the choice between staying warm, thus alive, or losing your life to a flash mob of Klu Kux Karens. That, and being able to get other things done or help others in a crunch.

Like a metal roof, it’s really hard for me to take seriously any “prepper” that doesn’t have a woodstove. This year is why. People will die. Your Glock, patriotism and Bug Out Bag is not going to keep you warm.

If you don’t have a stove, you are sort of screwed. Guess what there is a shortage of? That’s right. Wood stoves.

Speaking of which, We were chilling with our quarantine couple last night. They informed us they had ordered a steel roof and sheets should arrive next week. Good for them.

A well respected, local, construction contractor buddy of both of us had called them because he had received a message from his suppliers that metal roofing is just about to increase in price by A THIRD.

We are kicking ourselves that we didn’t purchase a third Shipping container when we got the last one. Just kicking myself. We recently contacted our inside guy for containers for a quote. He seemed embarrassed and apologized. After contacting his contacts, the best price he could find us was 7800$ before shipping or taxes. Nooop! Well, two out of three ain’t bad. We are now hunting for a retired dry tractor trailer box. Something I would have passed on a few years ago. They don”t compare. Just kicking myself. Don’t even get me started on trying to get another rifle. The price doubled since my last investment. Even I struggle with my prognostications. I make financial risks based on my prognostications and they usually pay off big. But even I am only willing to go so far while covering my ass. I usually say, “I will gamble with my life… but not my money”.

Our quarantine buddies randomly said to me, “Of all the off the wall predictions I have heard people make over the decades, Who would have guessed the only one that called the future correctly would now be sitting in my kitchen.”.

Lets jump back to the barn.

I reached my “I quit” point by the time I got here. It’s not done but next year will have to do. Enough is done. It’s no longer a danger.

I can now get to all the bikes, many of which need repairs. See the windows though. This is for the road warrior scroungers out there. One of the things I keep my eye out for is people throwing out Sliding Glass door windows. Valuable for structures like these. They are really strong because they were designed to have people, kids or animals periodically run into them. They come in their own, non rotting frame… and they get replaced a lot. Plus they are hard to dispose of so people are really happy when you take them.

I didn’t intend to use them in the original design… but as the design changed, mid build as I got to the next puzzle to solve, I realized I could reduce lumber cost and siding by filling one wall with these free windows. Good thing I did because of only ending up having just enough roofing metal. Lighting and looking so cool was just a bonus.

Finally, a place to hang all the scythes I have been squirreling away for the next generation, without risking slicing myself up, tripping over them. Yay. I’ll try to get an old stove in this corner.

These, and not a multi-tool, are the real tools of Survival… and none of them fit in a bug out bag.

Lets swing this back around to Shit Hits The Fencing. Like that? Very much like my first article here at DGM-SRC, there is a large, circular logic thing going on. It has a beginning point. It has an end point… and a wild roller coaster ride to get there. I’ve gotten better at this. This time I am spinning 5 plates at the same time.

Collect these when you find them. Not at the stores. I mean the metal scrap yards or…. while wandering the post apocalyptic wasteland. They are just handy.

Since starting this article and saying I’ld put in a gate near the bus, as often happens, to do another essential task, I had to move that gate out of the way to get to it. Instead of having to find a new place for it… I just spent a couple hours getting it in place. Done.

Here is the theory behind what I am doing here. None of this is impressive Entry Denial. It will be in a few years but not now. By putting in the effort now, I dont need to do it in a panic later. The initial infrastructure is done and already in place. When it gets down to crunch time and I am in full security mode, I only have to upgrade. Ad trips and traps and spikes and tangles and brambles and locks. Maybe even trenches or earth berms. But the initial work is already done. Once it grows in, it is a hedge forever. For generations to come.

But to start…. its really just to convince the resident deer population to go around…. and not eat the newly planted willow.

This had happened in other areas I has planted willow. Total failure. The deer kept nibbling them till they just gave up. They couldnt get above deer height. Thus the fence.

The Bigger “Castle theory” behind the build is this.

First secure the castle. The KEEP if you will. Entry to the home. That’s what we did, first round.

Next, the Castle Wall is extended as time allows, to create the Secured Zone. Any one that breaches that zone?….their intentions are known. It’s not, “What are you doing here?”. It’s “Intruder Alert”. “Security to the Bridge. Raise shields and prepare to fire phasers”. More so, the invader, in fighting retreat has to expend his concentration on “How the fuck do I get out of here?” It’s not just to keep them out. It’s to keep them in as they try to escape.

Once the castle wall is in…. you can begin to start thinking about the next castle wall. The extended safe zone….but one thing at a time.

The main vehicle gate will go in here. Notice the barbed wire extends past the gate. Hold that thought. I explained it to one person… and he got real quiet. Like, “Fuck, dude. You scare me”. Eventually, once the willow has grown in, this will be hidden. It just looks like a nice hedge.

It took me years of staring at the property to decide the proper placement of the gate should be here.

The gate cant be seen from the road. It is around a corner. A vehicle has to slow down for the corner… and then be surprised by the gate. Blitzkrieg has been halted for a few seconds. Halted at a place they are exposed in the open with zero cover and a good distance for the defenders to get over their surprise and respond. If they crash through, that will make a shitload of noise and potentially mess up the vehicle.

Once again, It is only an unoffensive gate. By putting the Infrastructure in now, it is far less effort to reinforce it later, with barbed wire or say… a detachable bracing pipe at a 45 degree angle… so if someone crashes the gate, that pipe is bypassing any bush bar and going straight into the engine block, immobilizing the truck and turning it into a couple tonne road block for any vehicle following it. They aint taking it home again. If they escape and survive, they still have to explain to law enforcement how they find themselves in this mess. Or their insurer. Or the bank. Or their wife when they have to explain why they cant make it to their job any more but still have to pay the financier of the truck and need to spend their savings on a lawyer…. “and we might have to relocate and go into hiding…. OK, Honey?… and a very scary man might be coming for me… and you… and the kids. Boy. Did I ever make bad decisions”.

If you think this is over kill and C5 might be losing it…I haven’t even got to the Over Kill part yet. This actually happened in our area over the summer. Terrified rural property owners were reporting that people were racing up their driveways, taring around and then speeding away. Part of this article, The Rise Of The Karens as a year end review is, many of you have been noticing that people have been just losing their shit. People are cracking under the stress.

A certain percentage of these Karens have jumped straight to violence and intimidation when they cant get their way. The name Karens derives from the first Karen, caught trying to use the police to kill a black man. The Karens that came later were roided up men that didnt seem to to understand private property and trespassing laws or that seemed to think being a biological terrorist was a Right. Then they started attacking people. Some victims were shot dead. Some tracked to their homes. It’s Karens in Flash Mobs that have become the problem. People that become Bipolar due to stress are a problem. People that become Bipolar due to stress and propaganda in flash mobs directed by leaders is a nightmare.

Few people clicked on this when I put it my last Red Alert post… so I am bringing it back for a second time with hopes you will… and to make this next part seem less alarmist.

It also seems we have jumped right into The Road Warrior. The truck used as a weapon. This is only year Two. Just wait till the economic hardship really kicks in.

“Well, Not Today, Karen!”

Something like this could be placed in front of the gate. How is that for over kill. Not just the gates, but vulnerable entrances, in front of the door at night. Under windows. Etc.

It was actually plan A, and the real reason I purchased that first barbed wire roll, to fill in the posts. To make a cool, folding, weather proof, mobile, storable version of this. The type of project that you would come to expect from the mind of C5.

There is actually president for this in my past and probably why my mind went there first. I have actually had to quickly make something like this before to protect some victimized friends from a very dangerous man who had done an incredible amount of damage in a short time.

A Bipolar man, off his meds, smashed his way through a plate glass window and declared, I quote, “I’m here on a mission from God to kill all you Niggers”. End Quote.

Context is everything. Sometimes “the N word” wont do. I want you to feel the ugliness. The Hate. The sheer Stochastic Terrorism used. Intended to traumatize long after he was gone. I wasn’t there at the time or things would have ended much differently. I arrived later. Seeing the breech in the wall, I started sharpening some maple poles that I already had on hand for rustic furniture building and nailed together a pointy obstacle like the one you see above, to close the security breech. I also sharpened up a couple extra sticks as short spears to hand out. “If he comes back, just drive this through him. If he charges, he will impale himself.”

I decided, against self preservation, to drop the N bomb in here in with Bipolar, for a reason. This is to help explain the Rise Of The Planet of The Karens. Forsythia and Fascism. This is the major trend of the year. It will get much worse as we go forward. January 6 is not an anomaly. This is what we face going forward.

Having spent A LOT of time around the Homeless, one of the issues that was raised was, certain people became bipolar AFTER becoming homeless. Not before. People becoming homeless because they are bipolar is understandable. People becoming bipolar after homelessness was something else. The stress chemicals were changing how their brain chemistry worked. I think that is what we are observing on a grand scale. Mass psychosis from a steady stream of traumatic events mixed with social media and right wing social manipulators. The next phase is Rwanda like events. I have been warning of this trend for years but it just sucks to be right all the time.

I started on this thought path after the 2008 financial crash when contemplating Alex Jones. He was clearly a functioning bipolar. I had seen that look and behavior before. The only question in my head was, was he bipolar before… or….did going down the conspiracy rabbit hole addict him to dopamine and adrenaline to the point his brain chemistry changed, creating bipolar behavior.

I used to contemplate, how did Germany fall under the mass psychosis of Nazism. I dont contemplate it now. I’m watching it happen in real time. I used to contemplate the mass psychosis of the witch trials and burning. Not anymore. Im watching it real time in the Qanon Trumpists. Rwanda? Yup. Watching it on Fox. Same path as Radio Rwanda calling Tutsi’s cockroaches and vermin and the source of all Hutu’s problems… then buying a bunch of machetes to hand out to “Patriotic” Hutu’s .

Unfortunately, I am also watching Chris Martenson, one of my hero’s of collapse, crash and burn. He has gone down a conspiracy rabbit hole and is now a danger to himself and others. I vouched for him for years, because of The Crash Course. I must publicly denounce him now. I have said in some places, The brilliant Chris Martenson of the Crash Course is not the Chris Martenson we are watching now. Something poisoned him and that political and intellectual neutralism ended, clouding his observational skills. This has been going on for years, even before the pandemic. I was hoping the pandemic snapped him back. Seemed so at first. But he got trapped. If I know people, my guess is that it had something to do with his divorce. Seen it before in others. Been there, dude.

My other guess is, this explains the break up with Adam Taggart. Why else would Adam T jump ship on a rising ship and meal ticket.

Unfortunately, some of us grand daddies of collapse have watched this story before We watched the other three housemen of the Apocalypse go down. Howard Kunstler? That left many people going, “What the Fuck”. “What a douche”. Dmitry Orlov soon followed. John Michael Greer only went half way there. I think his aspergers syndrome and lower social class save him from going all the way down. I was just hoping Chris Martenson would be the exception and right the boat. So sad to watch. Chris sees 5 now when 2+2=4. It’s like Watching the 80s movie, The Thing or the 70s movie, Invasion Of The Body Snatchers. Fucking Pod People.

I’m bringing this up here because I will be using an important vid by Chris in the Crash Course further down the page to explain what is happening with the supply shortages and shipping collapse. It was inevitable to happen. The pandemic just sped it up by about 5 years. I’ve seen this coming since my 20’s. Thirty years plus now, I have been watching this approach and trying to be ready for it. More on that later.

It hasn’t surprised me that Umair Haque has been the only Collapse Commentator left calling things correctly. (Yah. It took forever to commit that name to memory. I still spell it wrong. Both MrsC5 and myself have trouble passing him to friends because we cant figure out how to pronounce his name to look up. Don’t hate me because I am Anglo-centric. This guy is Da Bomb) To start, He is Brown. He is an immigrant to Amerika from another Failed State. He is much younger than the Grand pappies of collapse and he has some genetic health issues he has to live with. Basically, he is not looking at Collapse from Privilege looking down but from Survival looking around. He has seen this before and is left going, “What the fuck. Are we really doing this?… I guess we are just jumping straight in”.

I have been saving this article for months now to share with you. It’s on Medium so dont press it till you are ready to read the full article. You only get three free reads a month so don’t wast them.. We subscribe to no one we have to pay for. We’re going to subscribe to Medium just for this guy. There’s other worthwhile writers we have seen there on the same subject .


Yup. That is pretty close to my time line… give or take a decade. Wow.

Here is a double tap


Here is the point The Karens just can not grasp. Let me explain it in Apocalyptic, Sci-Fi, Nerd speak.

Two Years ago, the Earth was invaded by Aliens. An actual Alien species. The human race had never encountered this species before and thus had no defense. The Aliens came in by stealth and started using humans as incubators, breeding inside a human host. It fed on humans. It’s single minded purpose was to breed an army. It didn’t kill everyone. It needed to keep hosts alive to spread. The rich and powerful immediately surrendered, welcomed their Alien invaders and made an arrangement that they wouldn’t interfere with the invasion as long as they could maintain their wealth and power over other people. In exchange they would use there vast wealth and propaganda machine to raise an army to fight for the Aliens, provide a steady stream of hosts and block any attempt of the world organizing a resistance.

We are two years now into World War C. The aliens have taken over the entire earth. They are everywhere. They could be living next door and you wouldn’t know. Virus Collaborators are everywhere. They are armed. They are organized. They are fanatical. They are batshit crazy and will destroy themselves as well as others. The Rich and Powerful collaborators have become insanely more rich and powerful.

We know the Aliens now. They are a Chimera Species that mutate as needed to get around resistance. They mutate in large cluster areas. Every infection, EVERY INFECTION, is an opportunity for the invader to evolve. This year it mutated into a species 2000 times the viral load, overwhelming any attempt at containment. (Once again, sorry I didn’t warn you about that) If only one Host human could get around containment, the aliens spread. Attempts at containment leaked like a sieve. The reason it leaked was leaders trying to accommodate and compromise with collaborators. The collaborators were under no illusion of accommodation. They were in it to win.

Small pockets of Resistance have survived. We know the invaders now. We even have the weapons to fight them now. We COULD have wiped these invaders off the earth last year through containment. We lost. We COULD have wiped it out this year with our new weapons if we had treated it as a WORLD WAR with FULL MOBILIZATION instead of regional thinking. We didn’t. We Lost. We are going into Year Three of World War C with no clear wins. Resource depletion is hitting about NOW so starvation and exposure will be the third enemy to fight. Leadership has failed. They keep declaring victory prematurely and opening back up. It only takes one human host and Alien Chimera for them to win. 16 million dead so far and the winter of shortages is just starting.

It seems to me we are fighting this war wrong. We have the means to fight the Alien Invaders. We are just being sabotaged from within. To fight the Aliens, first we must fight The Virus Collaborators. We must actively go after those giving Aid and Comfort to the enemy. The Enemy Within. We just have to get off our back foot and stop playing defense.

The first step is to go after the ability of the enemy to Re-Supply. Going after the funders of terrorism. Sanctions to weaken the enemies ability to wage war. Cutting supply lines. Join the Collaborators and sabotage from within if you have that skill. Get them on THEIR back foot.

This is how we have implemented it in our own lives. There is a low cost housing shortage here. We can provide low cost emergency housing. If you are a Virus Collaborator… We Will Not House You. We were in the position to employ people this year. If you are a Virus Collaborator… We Will Not Employ You. We grow food… but We Will Not Feed You. We developed a large social network for support. If You Are A Virus Collaborator… You Are Kicked Out. Excommunicated. Shunned. You Are Not Welcome Here. You are on your own. We are Not single but if we were… We Will Not Fuck You. You are cut off. Any of our network will be warned that if they give Aid or Comfort to the Excommunicated, that they will also be treated a Collaborators. At first meeting, any person will be asked “Are You Vaccinated?”. If you refuse to answer, You are a Collaborator. If you hide your status or LIE, You Are The Worst Villainous Scum on earth and we will take it very personally that you were willing to infect our community and be treated accordingly. If you do not like the cone of shame and threaten us with violence… We Will Not wait around passively or fearfully to see if you make good on that THREAT. You will Immediately Be Met and We Will Respond With Overwhelming Force… And it will not be a “Fair Fight”. You Will Not Be Given Medical Care. We have a Lawyer, Good To Go, if necessary.

Lets get back to the fencing. Fencing, like locks, only keep honest people out. It’s only meant to slow a blitz attack or make lots of noise to buy those essential seconds needed to snap out of it and decide how to respond.

Remember how I said, when a I told a friend why the fence extended past the gate and I got a “Jesus Christ. What is wrong with you, dude” look. I had just told him that if I immobilize a vehicle here, the engine block as the primary target, as they exit the vehicle and try to find non existent cover they will try to get through the hedge only to find it is barbed wire and they are trapped, now with only one route of escape. A LONG route where they will be totally exposed…. with no real place for them to escape to. I didnt bother telling him, I had also taken away their ability to Flank, while providing my own route to flank them while having visual cover, lest my friends head explode from the revelation. The fences aren’t just to keep people out. That would be impossible. It’s to slow and confuse their retreat once they realize they have just lost the initiative and surprise. I don’t want them to escape to be able to regroup or try again later.

I am reminded of Murphy’s Rules of Combat. If my memory serves me correctly, it goes something like this…

Murphy’s Rules of Combat-#7- Professional soldiers are predictable… but the world is full of amateurs… and then there is C5. Whatever you do, Do Not Antagonize C5. Just let him be. No good can come from it.

…or something like that.

Two last thoughts on the fence The location of that first section of reinforced living fence was chosen to be done first because of years of observation. I said to myself, “If I were a sniper or doing reconnaissance, where would I be. I would be?…There!”. That vulnerability would be the first place to grow a visual screen because it will take several years to grow. I can upgrade it later if needed.

Next would be, few of my readers live as committed as I do. Many live in cities or suburbs. You have a yard, not much more and are not going to turn it into Gandalf’s green, fortified compound. Here is my suggestion. Just put in the fence posts. If a neighbor asks why, Do Not Tell Them. Look them strait in the eye… and lie. Well, just a partial truth. You can tell them it is just an experiment to see if you like it. If not, you will take it out again. You saw it on-line and thought it might look nice. The people delivering flyers have been walking across the lawn and there is that guy that lets his dog go here… and you just want them to stay on the walkway. Don’t worry. I may get tired of it in a month”. You can add a decorative chain or rope or art it up a bit, Save the barbed wire and pointy front door barricade in the garage for the, “Oh, Shit. Oh Shit. I think I can get this up in a day”, moment. You can tell your neighbor, “I’ll take it down afterwards. I promise. Oh, Shit. Oh, Shit. We’ll Talk later.” He probably wont care at that point. The fence posts will also stop somebody from driving their truck through your front door. Better to have fence posts and not need them than to need them and not have them.

Before I get too far away from those spiky barricades presented above, I should explain why I decided not to go in that direction. Here was my initial theory. I would make three or four to close up vulnerable gaps. Then as time allowed to make more, I would shift them forward, expanding them out like a bubble expanding. That bubble is the safe zone. I gave up that plan because it was too resource, labour and time heavy. I couldnt make enough of them fast enough. Wood decomposes fast here so longevity would be an issue. I would have to peel, dry, then oil the wood. Even folded, it would take too much storage space. “Never enough dry storage”. And it was too damned scary looking. It was “Too Much” for the moment. It may even draw legal problems, like fire codes, an injury to firemen or civic workers. Instead, I decided to just put in the safe zone I wanted in the first place, and let nature do most of the long term building, growing to overcome wood decomposition.

Wait. I just remembered I did a rather large article on this subject in the early days of this blog. “Sharp and Pointy Things”. I see. It was the second article ever wrote here.

Next subject. Lets bring this back for second listen so you remember it. Why is the truck engine the primary target? To start, You took away their heavy weapon. You have taken it off the chess board. You have removed there ability to leave, or at least leave with a bunch of your stuff. If it is part of a convoy, it is now a couple tonne roadblock. It leaves behind evidence. Evidence for the police or you to track them down. If THEY call the cops, first thing to happen will be the cops looking into them. It takes away their ability to re-supply. They wont be taking it to work the next day, may still be paying for it, and their insurer will be permanently adjusting their payments to “High Risk”. Replacement parts or a replacement vehicle may not even exist due to shortages. It takes away their mobility to try something like this again. IT IS VERY ECONOMICAL. A One Dollar, 270 bullet may cost your opponent 20 thousand dollars. Remember that Round. I will get back to it later. ALL this may cause a system of cascading failures, potentially leading to the loss of a mortgaged home, career, legal standing, gun ownership rights… and the wife might even leave with the kids.

I have only given advice on the Application of Violence and Firearms once in my entire time here at DGM. ONCE! Even then, I warned my readers that the article came with a time limit and I removed it after that time. This time it stays up because we have entered That Time.

If you are late to firearms ownership, you picked a very bad time to just get into it. But it is THAT TIME.

There are major shortages of ammo and firearm selection. Many of the budget options and surplus rifles are gone. Prices are inflated.

270 ammo always seems to be around on the empty ammo shelves. It is a standard deer hunting round. Other deer hunting rounds are in short supply… but until other people notice, your best chance to save ammo will be 270. It’s not cheap. You wont be wanting to throw lots of these rounds… but you shouldnt be doing that anyhow. That is a rich mans game and a good way deplete your resources.

As a prepper, if you can only have one gun, it should be a Ruger 10/22. Most preppers would agree. There is nothing new about that info.

If you can only have 2 guns, the second gun should be a Bolt Action 270 hunting rifle with a scope. I came to this revelation late in life so I cant recommend a certain rifle. Brand choice may be irrelevant at this point anyhow. You take what you can get.

Here is my reasoning. It is a standard rifle for deer, moose or bear. It will also go through an engine block and come out the other side, still lethal. Most body armor will not stop it. If it does, they are still going down. An arm or leg wound will still be lethal. It is unlikely to be banned. It is a responsible guys rifle so less likely draw the ire of police because you have a reason to have it. Hunting or farm management. Do not tacticool it up or go for a sniper looking option, for that very reason. It is reliable and will still function if neglected… or buried in a tube. It will demand fire control. As in you can hand it to a lesser trained person with less chance of getting shot yourself. They wont suddenly try to go all JohnWooy, spray and pray, suppressing fire, lets rush the barricades, lets kick some doors. They will have to think about each shot then think about it again. They can stay way back. You should to. The scope will make up for inexperience using open sights. (You will have to learn to sight in a scope but that should only take one box of ammo and get you familiar with the rifle anyhow.) You are not Special Forces with unlimited ammo and resupply. Stop pretending to be. The ammo you have may be the last ammo you will ever have and you want to use it sparingly. It wont give you a false sense of security and make you believe you are Rambo. It wont make you think having a gun now makes you invincible. It should do the complete opposite, making you want to stay as far from “The Action” as possible. You may be passing this down to a grand child. A bolt action has the highest chance of still working at this point if ammo is stored properly, air tight. I could go on but that is enough.

But it has another reason. Most people haven’t spent an entire lifetime on Warriorship, like myself. The most likely to be victomised will be the average person thinking, “I just cant kill another person. Even if attacked”. You can say to them, “Well, can you shoot that truck? Can you take out that infrastructure or supply line? Can you just stand there as a warning? Can you give the rifle to someone who can defend others”. That may make more sense to certain people that are still valuable for other skills than warriorship because of their empathy levels. Or someone in lesser health whose main job is to sit as a watchman with a bell to pound to warn others, danger is coming.

Lets change flow here an talk about something else that is Truly Foul.

I mean Fowl. Budumpt tumpt.

MrsC5 tracked down 20 heritage meet bird chicks. Most are in the freezer now. It takes a lot to impress me… and I am impressed. They are Red Bro


You can see above, they walk and run around just fine, unlike the horrible, mutant, depressing, Meat Kings. We’re never doing those again. Mutant birds that are so bad that other hens try to peck them to death to put them out of their misery. The Red Bro taste a lot better, as well. We decided to keep a male and two hens alive, killed the main rooster, and moved them over to the other layer flock. We’ll see how they winter and if they can breed a bit of Big into the flock.

All attempts at hens sitting this year failed, and they really tried, almost to the point of death. Not a single chick. It was too damned hot. Then into the fall as things were cooling, a hen magically appeared that we didnt even realize was missing. It is not unusual for this to happen but it is late. Luckly the fall has been mild. The coop is over full at the moment. We’ll thin it out once we figure out how many are cockerels. Winter soups to come.

I really like our ducks. Muscovy’s. Unlike the chickens, who are all instinct like a Raptor pack, the ducks think. They’re friendly. Personable. They learn. They are more pets at this point. Not a good habit to get into. What I don’t like is their meat. It’s more like venison or Canada Goose. Not what I was going for. A friend substitutes them for beef in stews and most visitors cant tell. We’ve decided to switch over to Khaki Campbell’s for a more flavorful fat content, if we can find them in the spring. I dont enjoy duck eggs but if that is what you are looking for, Indian Runners is another option. They can outperform any chicken in egg production.

Now back to the unpleasantness.

Lets give the top three reasons why I will never accept an un-vaccinated person in my preparedness community, especially here at The Dark Green Mountain.

#1- Cowardice in the face of the enemy. Did you hear that, any military or police readers. That is grounds for a dishonorable discharge, right there. As well as sabotaging your nation and those that count on you.

#2- It shows the level they are subject to propaganda. They cant be trusted, and with the right influences, they may stab you in the back. Some people are just too stupid to count on.

#3- They have shown they wont sacrifice for others. They are incapable of doing so and have proven it by their actions. And they have done it right at the point when people will have to work together for mutual survival.

Strike one. Strike two. Strike three. You’re out.

Anyone WHINING about Freedom of choice… are using the word Freedom wrong. Any “Constitutional” thinker should have already herd the idea, “Your Freedom Ends Where My Freedom Begins”

Or, Your Right to swing your arms ENDS where my nose begins.

In this case, quite literally, my nose. You do not have a Right to infect me. That is assault or attempted murder right there and grounds for retaliatory Self Defense. If someone got in my face… and coughed… or acted threateningly, they would bleed out onto the ground right there. Dead.

Insert a photo here to get people to take a breath before thinking about the next important part.

I still have this metal in reserve in case I have to upgrade the fence to this.

I’m also keeping it it in reserve in case I have to skirt the house with it if we face a forest fire year.

Lets get back to The Crash Course. Chris Martenson when he still deserves a hero cookie. I haven’t heard anyone else say this yet on the subject of shortages and the transport collapse.

This is a C5 exclusive. Only here at the Dark Green Mountain Survival Research Centre. The demographic Bubble has burst.

It was ALWAYS going to happen. It just happened five years early…. because a shit load of people died and surviving people near retirement said, “OK Boomer. I’m Out. I wont let them kill me because the corporate overlords were saying, Back to work, slaves. Our stocks aren’t going to raise themselves”. Fore those that haven’t heard of the Demographic bubble, heeeeeere’s Chris.

That was from 20014. If you only come away with one thing I have said. This is the one concept you must grasp.

This explains the transport collapse. “OK Preppers “, We were talking about the approaching trucking collapse, and the fragility of the Just In Time delivery system for years. Yelling it. How is this now Obama’s fault? Sorry. I mean Biden. Dementia setting in. You fell for that? Really? That is some quality spin doctoring right there.

The baby boomers were a huge demographic. After WW2, people bread like bunnies. North Amerika was the only place standing who’s factories and lines of production were still standing so wealth for the masses was available to anyone that wanted to work and they could demand decent wages. It had nothing to the superiority of the political system. It was a Ponsi Scheme. As long as it kept growing, there was no problem. The only future problem to be ignored till later was that it must grow exponentially FOREVER. The moment it didn’t grow…. or even slow down a bit from exponential growth rates to slow growth rates, the entire system would collapse. I grew up in that hourglass dip and was screwed from the start. The boomers had all the money and political power and they weren’t up for sharing yet I would be tasked to making sure they got everything they demanded approaching retirement, yet would have little to keep their ponsi scheme going. Good luck with that.

One of the issues that was always sitting there in the background… like the slow loss of farmers and any profitability in farming, was the slow loss of TRUCKERS… and any profitability in being a trucker. The Corporate, Just In Time Delivery System… was cutting any slack, including wages or storage as long as the profits kept rolling in to the CEOs and Boomer Stock Holders.

The boomer truck drivers were already starting to tap out and there just weren’t the numbers in the generations that followed to keep the ponsi scheme going. Millennials were being called lazy because they were crunching the numbers and saying, wait a minute, you want us to get in huge dept as low paid contractors, take all the risk while covering all the obligations… why?

Either way, the illusion of the ponsi scheme tenuously kept rolling till there was a tiny blip. A VERY SHORT and VERY SMALL interruption in infinite growth on a finite planet. Crash goes the system.

Lets get something straight right here. People might assume I am some lefty. People might want to know what my political position is. When asked, i generally jokingly reply, “Fiscally Conservative, Socially Liberal, Sexually Libertarian” … but in reality, I have none. It is just not how I interact with the world. Not Liberal or Conservative. Not Democrat or Republican. Not Socialist or Capitalist. These are faith based religions to me. There isn’t a word for my political position.

Collapsist? Doomerist? Apochalist?

Either way, this is the political position of , “Why? How Fast? How Soon? How Deep? and this FILTER that all facts, news and politics flows through is how I interact with the world.

Its where deep psychology confronting internal deception and moral failing meets math, chemistry and biology.

I’m NOT (name any political position)…… But I recognize FASCISM. I know what it is. I know it MUST be fought… and it is here.

This is a good time for Beau.

No person that grew up in Germany believes the Nazi’s were socialist. That was an Amerikan propaganda invention and it played well with uneducated voters to keep resource extraction corporations in charge of government. Germans, on the other hand are given actual history in school… instead of getting it from Big Tent Preachers.

Speaking of which…

We interrupt this writing direction because the world has been watching what just happened in BC. My old stomping grounds. The rough terrain that made me the C5 that I am today. The very routs I took to meet MrsC5 the first time. I to got trapped in Hope, B.C. because the route was blocked. Hope was the place Rambo-First Blood was filmed. Seems appropriate to fit that factoid in because of the context. That was one dangerous motorcycle trip. I powered through the snow on the southern route to get around closures, adding 6 hours and hypothermia to the trip. Bikers not getting vaccinated… are PUSSIESSSSS! Just saying.

There is a bunch of tie ins to this article. To start…

https://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-trending-59255165 (once a person is propagandized to see 2+2=5, you can sell them anything. They are mentally wired for it now. They don’t believe their eyes)

All that heat put shitloads of water in the air. What goes up… must come down… so…

Some of you will remember me saying, “Not by a river. Not on a flood plain. Not by a water flow area. If it has flooded in the last 300 years, it will again in the next few years. Examine any place above your land to see if it the ground will stay in place, instead of coming towards you when a month of rain shows in a few hours. Not any place where a feed lot or chemical storage is upstream of your water supply.”

Next issue, we just spent a lot of time talking about fire wood. Some of those towns and cities had their natural gas lines severed. They wont be getting it back any time soon… right at the point where the freeze up came just hours after all that water.

Bigger issue. The fragility of the Just In Time Delivery System and world wide supply lines as the status quo. Vancouver is cut off from the rest of Canada. People are stripping the grocery stores in a panic. That happened fast. More so, Western Canada is now shut out entirely from the West Coasts ports, trains, and trucking supply lines. Vancouver should be having some fuel issues right about, let me check my watch, about….Now. (This is C5 coming to you from the future. Sure called that right)

Remember C5’s F5’s?…. and the big F for not. Food, firewood, fuel, etc.

Finally, If you have been noticing that all the big catastrophes are happening on a weekly basis and seem to be speeding up… believe your eyes! It’s all the same disaster. From Pandemics, to Climate Collapse, to Economic Collapse, to Resource Collapse, to Social Collapse. Compounding is the problem. It starts slow… then speeds up right near the end.

The Earth has never had to face 8 BILLION fire wielding primates before. 7.9 at the moment. That last billion went by in the blink of an eye.

That and, “In total the mammals of the world are, 60 % livestock, 36 % human, 4 % wild.” Hat tip to K-Dog

Once again, to explain this… Heeeeeere’s Chris.

I sure hope Chris eventually pulls his head out of his ass.

But the problem with an addiction, and that is what this Conspiracy driven Fascism is, a brain chemical addiction, is that before they can hit rock bottom, usually the addict will start doubling his dose to try and chase the same high. And that is when they get Real Dangerous. Slow at first… then all at once.

I remember, when MrsC5 and myself were in Croatia, a place where this shit has happened before in recent history, I asked the locals if they had any advice to a prepper on how to be ready for something like this. (Yes, we have sure been to a lot of places that have had recent Civil Wars, Economic Collapses, Environmental Collapse and Genocides). The locals said, “How does one really prepare for that? One moment you are a modern city. The neighbor would chat over the fence and be invited into the same home for meals. The kids playing together. Then the same neighbor comes over the fence and slaughters the entire family” because they has been listening to nationalist propaganda and conspiracy theories about how his race, culture and religion are under attack. It only took a week before they were pulling road work lights into the stadiums so they could keep up the systematic Rapes and Mass Murders through out the night.

So, if you think I am being overly aggressive towards the Anti vaxx, anti mask crowd, this is why. This is the Trend I see moving forward. The more reality slaps them in the face, the more they will double down on the dose.

I was going to bring the full weight of C5 down on the Angry Little Preppers and the Epic Fail Ecconomists but it would be redundant at this point… and I have already been at this post for a month.

So, maybe it is time to spin that final piece of music to end the article. The 80’s theme? Technically, the album came out in 1979…. but it is the 1982 movie that we will have seared into our memories.

This is my prognostication, moving forward. Like Collapse isn’t enough to deal with? We also have to deal with these dipshits

(if that doesnt load from the start, just rewind. It seems to be an occasional glitch)

So, Like Rick Grimes, I will not just be asking new people “Are you vaccinated?” I will start asking people “When were you vaccinated?” If it is After november 2021, No hero prepper cookie for you. Thank you for your…dis service? Fuck you. You are on your own. Good luck with that Bugging Out, homeless plan. Dont come back now, ya hear?

“I used to say: this is America’s last chance. Now, sadly, I tend to think. Yes, it was.” (Umair Haque. 2021)

Thank you, SR, HF, JL, DB and Pip, for the very generous donations. And also for the kind words, thoughtful comments last article and phone calls….

…. And wait… I cant end this article here. I just cant…. lest I leave my readers just too depressed for action.


Every Journey starts with a small step. Budupt tup. I actually took that photo for a different reason. It was my first job of the year and relates to my last job. The front step had rotted out… and I was hoping this poky step would keep the ducks and chickens from hanging out and shitting in the mud room. It worked for about a week. Then the birds just started facing that it would hurt a bit to get where they wanted to go. There is an unintended lesson there.

Before I break into another round of The Carpenters…”Why do birds suddenly appear…” …No. Just stop that C5. Its embarrassing and ruins your whole punk rock tough guy of the apocalypse vibe….

The last thing I did of the year was to face this, that came out of the barn.

It seemed a shame to just buck it up for firewood. What a waist. But I couldnt leave it on the ground where soil bacteria would get in there to speed rot it. Finally I just said, Fuck it. It can go here…

It’s just tacked into place. I’ll reinforce it next year. I’ll wait ’till it dries out in summer then just soak it in oil to preserve it. Then get a hand rail up… so as I get old and decrepit, I can still get on the roof to clean the stove pipe. If I die next year, MrsC5 will have to get up there in my place… and there is usually the mid winter clean out as well, so a hand rail would make the job not require the skills of a ninja.

Full disclosure. I hadn’t cleaned out the pipes in the spring as I always say I will do but never seem to. Its the first sign of cool weather that drives me up there. I work best under pressure and panic.

I decided to bring the new young person up on the roof to walk him through cleaning the pipes since this job will become part of his life into the future. Living with a wood stove.

And then I crashed down onto the couch and have barely moved since. I was done. Just done. I have nothing left.

And that gets to my final advice for all of you hard core preppers, Adapters, doomsteaders, permaculturists. The ones that have really put the work in over the years.

Take next year off.

Really. It’s our plan. The last few years have been all about R’s. The first R was, It;s Real. This is the Real Deal. Then it was RELOAD or Reload, Reassess and Relocate, if necessary. This year I have also done a lot of Reconnoiter and spent time on Relationships. Then there was a repeat of, This is the REAL DEAL

Next year should be R&R. That is Rest and Relaxation.

That may seem strange since things are heating up in a big way. That is exactly why. By 2023 we will all be running at full tilt. It’s about to get real bad.

Rest up. As much as is safely possible, go out there and have a life. Knock some things off your Bucket List. Restore some pleasure in just being alive.

It’s been a tough few years. Everyone’s on the verge of becoming a Karen in their own way. Try to heal up the ol’ grey matter a bit… even if things are going to shit around you.

This may be your very last chance.

MrsC5 has said she wont be doing the garden next year. I’ve said, no more big jobs… ever. Just tinkering on small jobs I WANT to work on. Nothing that takes more than a day.

We’re going to go live in a big city again for a month. We’re thinking Montreal. It goes against conventional wisdom but living in the country makes you soft. I need to get a bit of my Situational Awareness back. I’ll be switching over to Security mode soon enough and I need to catch the sent of predators again. Plus, we just need the mental stimulation of seeing what other diverse people are doing now days. Things that expand our personal boundaries. I dont want to see people like me. Yawn. How boring is that. I want to see people doing shit that leaves me going, “What the F….. I need to think about that”. My pond is a bit small at the moment for this big fish.

Back to bringing up the younger community member to learn about chimney cleaning. While up there, he said, “Wow. What a great view from up here. You can see all the places you cant from ground level”. I explained that this was a good Enfilade position. A good place for observation . A place to put someone with a scoped 270 rifle. The only problem being, since there is nothing that could stop returning bullets, You would have too retreat after one or two shots in a real hurry and that was a recipe for sliding off the roof and a fall. Right there and then, I decided to put in a walkway to the chimney… since you had to up there a couple times a year and it is always dangerous…. and I was kicking myself. Just kicking myself. I had seen long versions of that first step I showed you, at the scrap yard in the spring. Gone now. I now have to begin the hunt for that material. It wont rot. Its grippy on the shoes so no more fear of sliding off and no more potential of damaging the roof each time I was up there. And a hand rail. That also seems like a good idea. Ya Know what? That seems like a good idea to share with others.

Task completed. The sharing part. Not the build.

Either way, when the day was finished, the new fellow said. “That was an awesome day. I learned to store beans for the winter by pulling the entire plant and hanging it the greenhouse to dry. I had no idea. Then I learned how to clean a stove. Ive never done that before. I can go home and tell the girl friend I can now clean stove pipes”.

It’s a pleasure to be around this guy for his enthusiasm and it rubs off on those around him. I see future leader in him when I am dead and gone. I made the mistake of getting drunk and telling him this once. He immediately got scared and replied. “No. I dont want to lead. Thats not something I want”.

Perfect. No person that has any ambition should be let with a ten foot pole of leadership.

This post is the best leadership I can offer. I haven’t offered all these photo and writing to say, Look At Me World. I am King Shit Survivalist. Respect My Authoriton.

Considering the subject matter, It would have been more in my self interest to disappear into the woodwork like any ninja.

This is about leading by example.

And now…. I can do something just for me. My own little hypocrisy. An, I AM AWESOME, moment.

Ya, Baby. That is sexy.

This was an experiment I did just for myself, when I needed a little mental break in the season. Like an old man sitting down with model car kit.

I don,t have the numbers that any reader will look at that photo and say, “Wow. You Bubba’ed the shit out of that. A one of a kind. Nice work”.

I had set out to answer the question, “Can a Ontario Knife Company SP1 fit into the new K-Bar hard sheath”.

When I went looking for an answer, I was gobsmacked that others were asking the same question… and that there was an unknown fan base of people that were really into OKC SP knives. I thought it was just me.

So, I set out to do a bit of un-nessisary, hypocritical consumerism. Lets get back to that later.

I can now be the rando answer guy on the internet.

The answer is a resounding…. NO….. for reasons I wont get into today. But I am the guy that proved it.

Then like a model building, tactical dork, I hid from the sun and did a complicated rebuild like an adult Man Child recreating StarWars action figures.

Knives are the only thing I allow myself to collect for collections sake. My vice. Wellllll… not my only vice. Just the one that reveals my own human hypocrisy. I have no need for this knife. I have plenty. It’s not the size I use. Most likely, it will sit on the wall as a conversation piece. I will be bubbu’ing it a lot more over the winter when I want to play with my toys. Yeash. I’m just oozing white privileged with this. As vices go though, at least this can be used as a store of wealth, a hedge against inflation, and a valuable, useful trade good in the future, a gift to secure loyalty or an inheritance to a loved one. It has value in itself. Either way, it’s unchecked consumerism and added a huge amount of carbon into the atmosphere, through mining, production and transport that wont be coming back out again for thousands of years. I have an unusual recent life goal which is to die with an authentic Farbairn-Sykes commando knife. Not to be buried with or anything like that. Not, he who dies with the most toys wins. Just to become it’s temporary steward, to hold for the next generation. Its complicated. It’s for my mental health.

OK. Its not that complicated. I lost one in my youth due to bad decision making and of all the damnable regrets in life that you should just forgive yourself for and move on, this one has stayed with me and I cant seem to shake it. I don’t want to carry this guilt to my grave. I just want to carry it in my hand for a while to remind myself some things can be redeemed.

T.M.I. and a buzz kill.

Either way, the reason I was able to give that warning about supply shortages, last post was that I had been watching it in real time… because I had been watching knives. It started before the pandemic when I decided to upgrade my EDC. to a changed lifestyle.

Ya. That one

When the pandemic hit, I wanted to upgrade again.

In lockdown I compulsively viewed every knife on Ebay and Amazon over and over. In real time, I watched Certain knives disappeared for good. Some creeped up in price. Others shot up in price. A number of cheaper options I was humming and hawing about dropped off one by one. Most of the knives at Canadian Tire disappeared. The only important one that survived was the Buck 0119. I guess CT had an iron clad contract and Buck would do nothing to risk losing Canadian Tire. Just checked and even Amazon.ca cant get 0119’s at the moment. Another one bites the dust.

I was watching the Knife Market like others watch the Stock Market. In some ways the Knife Market is a better market indicator because it is based on actual physical goods and not theoretical valuation.

In similar fashion, Barbed wire, the story up the page, has gone up by a third since the pandemic year one photo was taken.

Back to the Farbairn Sykes. It broke all my C5 advice on knives. Nothing over 100$ canadian. I learned this the hard way. Nothing you could not afford to lose. Nothing you would think twice about dropping down a storm drain after use. Just saying. 200$ plus tax and shipping for one from England was a hard pill to swallow for something I didn’t really need. I guess it is cheaper than therapy but…. after 6 months of consideration… and sheepishly explaining why to MrsC5 (she was very OK with this…. I thought it would be a hard sell) I was about to pull the lever. The next day, the one I could live with, jumped up another 60 bucks. I’m out. The next day, I sat down to write that last article giving people the heads up, Red Alert.

On that note, to finish up everything I did this year, I also bubba’ed the hell out of these.

Garage sale knives I never intended to use but surprised the hell out of me. They just had sheaths that made them un-carriable. Solved. One by melting a plastic table leg found in the trash. The other, using the sheath from a crap knife, reinforcing it with a plastic insert and finally, changing how it carries on the hip.

The last three years I started carrying this way, though the knives change each day depending on task… or just my mood. I’ve become a knife model. “I’m too sexy for my knife…”

I finally embraced Miyamoto Musashi in my old age. “You have 2 arms. Use two swords”

I am a lonely man. I have no one to talk knives with. My friends… tolerate me when I talk knives… as good friends do… They even take my advice occasionally. Mythos picked up a Kershaw Camp 14 based on my advice for his needs. Best bang for the buck. Just checked. Gone now on Amazon.

I am so knife lonely. So very knife lonely. Sad face.

So I have decided to do one more article…. just for MEEEEEEEEE.

Enough about you. Lets talk about me for awhile. (that never gets old… like a repeating joke. If a joke isn’t funny the first time… tell it thirty more times). Knife reviews from survivalists are like assholes. Everyone has one. They are excruciating. Unless the survival advice is, “survival knives are over rated”,… I’m just not listening. “Just store food, Dude”, is much better advice.

But it is what it is. I want to bull shit about knives. I believe I have earned that.

The first snow hit this morning. November 18. Gone by noon. 12C +degrees above freezing after sunset . I’ve been doing this post for a month now. That’s how long it took to say what I wanted to say. I Only got about a tenth of it said. I’m reminded why I stopped writing. MrsC5 was happy I started writing… but at this point, she will be happy to have here husband back. The voices in my head were getting a bit too loud for her.

With that said, I have a much better song to end this with.

It may not be the end of the year, but with this job done, its the end of MY year. Considering the theme, It seemed inappropriate for you to have to wait till X-mas to unwrap it all.

See you next year… if the internet is still up, unless the next Red Alert needs to happen. If I don’t show up…. it means I am dead



For obvious reasons, The Comments section is closed this round. Some Alt Right Troll Farm always runes it for everyone. It would be a shame to rune the vibe if I had to spend the entire winter tracking some troll to his home for a friendly visit.

Here is a happy, educational, bonus video, for the Bike enthusiasts that come here, so everyone forgets the comment I just said out loud.

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