A Very Covid-20 X-mas. RED ALERT

Twas the night before X-mas and the Santa Virus came back

With your Host, Category5.

So much for sending an X-mas card. I’m tired of having to send Red Alerts… but here we are again.

It’s been just over two weeks since I sent that last heads up article.

Ya. That one.

“This may well be the dreaded SARS-CoV-3 — but even if it is at all competing directly with Delta, rather than being its own brand new strain, it will have a gigantic advantage on immune escape in highly vaxxed populations.”

Thus I have been referring to it as Covid-20 instead of a mutation of Covid-19, to get the point across. It’s that different.

I’ve been waiting patiently for proper analysis before making this call. Up till this point, any one you have been reading with a opinion, talking about “The Data” has been talking out their ass. We still don’t have and can not have “The Data” at this point.

That said, enough info I was waiting for to form an opinion has finally arrived to pass this on to you and move things up to Red Alert.

CBC has been doing a fantastic job on all these issues lately. Far better than the alternative media. It’s almost redundant for me to keep giving Red Alerts.



“If left unchecked, a three-day doubling means it could infect almost the entire world in the first quarter of 2022, creating a massive mutation opportunity which would likely extend the pandemic even further.”


“A faster spreading virus – through some combination of transmissibility and immune evasion, which omicron has – is almost always far more harmful than a slower-spreading and equivalently more severe one. That’s because severity is linear and transmissibility is exponential. Omicron need not be more severe than delta to do more damage.”

“The “it’s mild” narrative ignores inconvenient facts. The current average age of hospitalizations is far lower in omicron’s South African epicentre of Gauteng than in the previous delta wave there. Along with increased vaccination rates and immunity acquired through infections, this means we would expect far less severe disease. Nothing screams “it’s mild” about Gauteng COVID hospitalizations and ICU admissions occurring at a rapid pace.”

“The time to act was yesterday. Delta already poses a grave risk on its own, and now we face both delta and omicron.”

Soooooo…… This is NOT, “Here we go again” or “Good thing I am vaccinated”.

This is probably, “Everything we have been through, so far, has just been PRACTICE”.

This has been moving faster than the mind can contemplate or comprehend. This should hit like a sledge hammer.

Delta, on its own, was going to be huge over the winter. As bad as the first round. That was baked in. But this Double Pandemic of Covid-19 and Covid-20…. I have no words.

Just assume full lock downs are coming again… and more fascist outrage.


Here is what I didn’t communicate well in my Year End Review. It’s been almost two years since I got sick. I haven’t fully recovered.

I’m sick of people thinking that somehow being “Healthy” makes you immune or it’s no big thing. Lung Damage. Heart Damage. Brain Damage. Other assorted organ damage. Even with people with mild symptoms. This will all continue to be with us if the pandemic ever ends.

Well, that’s enough of the first Red Alert. There was also that Tornado. The flooding in BC and a comparative rainfall on the East Coast. We’re fine, by the way. It’s all part of the same ongoing climate disaster… but why overwhelm you all. Stay focused on Covid-20. That’s enough.

You can stop reading here if you like. Thus concludes the Red Alert part of the article. The part that had to be got out today and not a day later.

From here on in, its just bonus material. Happy holidays. Thanks for reading.

Here is some Bonus Reads, unrelated, but I saved them because they are worth reading.


Umair telling it like it is.


I was perusing over at Collapse Reddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/collapse/

A random commenter on a random post, wrote something well… and I thought it worth copying for a larger audience.

The commenter goes by the name, MagicPantsMachine

“The first symptom was citizens united. It was suddenly decided that a corporation’s personhood was the equivalent of a citizen’s personhood, and the money contributed by that corporation was, in essence, a form of free speech. The first seal, broken.

The second symptom of this that began the end-stage was the ’08 financial crisis. When people began hearing the words “too big to fail,” that was the second seal breaking. Average, everyday people had to shoulder the burden while faceless corporations and billionaires were handed tax money to continue their schemes. Nothing was changed, nothing was altered. It simply continued in perpetuity, and all of the reforms that were put in place to ensure that another collapse never happened were weak, toothless, and easily sidestepped by even the most rookie financial investor. Second seal, broken.

The third symptom of this was Trump. Regardless of your political affiliation or how you feel about him in general, the man operated outside of the bounds of what we consider normal law and order. He ran over ever precedent, committed documented criminal acts while in office, and instead of facing justice for those actions, ran roughshod over the institutions that were supposed to provide some form of checks and balances. The third seal, broken.

The fourth symptom was Q. An entire swath of the population so caught up in the idea that we were going to have a long-dead politician suddenly reappear and that there was a secret “deep-state” running sex dungeons out of pizza shops. All of this was propagated by a wakaba messageboard formerly famous for allowing some of the most heinous shit to trickle through the internet. That idea was fed to the most gullible in our population by the media and disinformation took off. They quickly turned into a mob that couldn’t be controlled. Fourth seal, broken.

The fifth symptom was COVID. A world too caught up in the politics and shit-slinging to understand that we must all act as one in order to defeat something like a global pandemic. It was like a game of Tug of War. We had one group of people pulling us closer to the pit, another pulling the other side closer to the pit, and no one failed to see that we were all chained to the rope. We all fall, no matter who loses. Meanwhile, financial institutions seeded the ideas to corporate media that we had to keep the economy running, no matter what, or else. “Essential workers” became heroes, and instead of us all buckling down for a month in isolation, opposition was astroturfed, and because our government institutions were weakened to the point of being unable to effectively direct people or overcome the oppositional astroturfing, they half-assed the pandemic and turned it into a political football, tossed around by the corporatists and the bought-off politicians. fifth seal, broken.

The sixth symptom was January 6th. We’ve never had anything quite like it, and it’s a very clear sign that something is very wrong in our population. We had people who refused to believe that an election was fair despite audit upon audit upon audit. We had conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory spread by one of the most popular news networks in the country, and even sitting senators that refused to state that the election was fair for fear of being cast out of their own party, although willing to admit as much behind closed doors. The ones that did stand up and state the obvious were blackballed. Many of the people that participated in the insurrection were never prosecuted, with just a few who could be identified being treated as “examples.” To the misled, they are “patriots.” To others, they’re traitors. To realists, they’re symbolic signifiers that the center is no longer holding. The sixth seal has been broken.

I fear for the seventh seal. I’m not a religious person, but if you are, it’s revelations time. Except, instead of the Rapture, it’s the end of the financial systems and government institutions that held together our society. What that means, I’m not sure; I don’t know what it means in the face of unstoppable climate change and resource depletion. Especially when you’ve got things like the most fresh water in the US concentrated in the great lakes region, or most international shipping ports located in blue states”.

Well put.

I guess I will leave you all with a pallet cleanser. Something to help get you back to your day. I found watching this somewhat hypnotic.

Stay safe. Tip Jar at the top of the page. Good Luck, everyone.

(FYI- I’ll be taking down the previous post, just to clear up the queue a bit)

One thought on “A Very Covid-20 X-mas. RED ALERT

  1. I was just listening to “quirks and quarks”, and they were speaking about the IPCC’s latest report, and they started mentioning “how we need to adapt to the new situation”. Looks like you’ve made an impact on some key players. 😉


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