Covid-21. The Modern World Ender

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This is a follow up to to the previous Red Alert posts on Omicron. This is NOT a Red Alert post…. YET. But someday that Red Alert will come. Its, pretty much, baked in now. When it comes, it wont be called Covid-21. That title is simply an allegory to help you better understand our predicament. Like me calling Omicron Covid-20

When I send you THAT Red Alert post, it will be the last. At that point, I close up the lap top for good, wrap it in cellophane, and place it in the most unused and dusty book shelf.

People need a Wake Up call.

“Coronaviruses are reputed to be masters of mutation. As far as the “virosphere” goes, they are some of the most “recombinogenic” viruses there are. Recombinogenic means that they recombine a great deal — viruses swapping bits of genetic material. There’s already real-world evidence of Coronaviruses in bats acquiring working genes from other viruses. So how bad could a future variant be? We don’t really know, but the upper bound is really bad. Because if Coronaviruses can acquire functioning genes from other viruses, then recombination hits the sky’s limit. All kinds of nasty things become possible.”

“Let’s think about the most obvious possibility. Covid — our Covid — recombines with SARS or MERS, its predecessors. Those have mortality rates of between 20 and 40%. Now imagine a virus with the infectiousness of Omicron — even half it — but the lethality of SARS or MERS. That is the kind of fire we are playing with — or our leaders are playing with on our behalf.” (Umair Haque- Jan 8 2022)

That should keep you up at night. “Let’s think about the MOST OBVIOUS possibility”. It has been where my mind has focused for the last three weeks. Omicron recombining with SARS or MERS or or something worse. The more time I sit with the thought, the more it seems the inevitable conclusion.

It would also be civilization ending. A higher death toll from starvation and exposure would follow.

You can read the full article from Umair Haque here and I recommend doing so.

I am simply cutting and pasting the important parts here. The things you are not hearing in the media at the moment.

Omicron is just Covid becoming the flu, right? Wrong. Viruses do not — let me repeat, do not — “evolve to become less severe.” Any virologist will tell you that, and plenty are screaming on Twitter, only our leaders have decided not to listen to them. If viruses evolved to become less severe, then no disease in history, really, would have mattered. But they have and do. Hepatitis still kills millions. Polio and smallpox didn’t become one iota less severe until vaccines were created to rid humanity of such maladies which had plagued us for millennia. All you have to do is think about it for one second using the knowledge in your head to understand that viruses don’t evolve to become less severe.”

“The point, again, is that the trend which our leaders appear to believe in — and which they’re encouraging the average person to believe in — is false. The pandemic’s over, because the virus has evolved to become the flu. That is all 100% false. None of that has actually happened. It appears that way because we got lucky, or because Omicron was a statistical inevitability, Covid-19 reccombining with a ubiquitous common cold virus. But what happens if it recombines with something worse? The trend of diminishing severity is false. It is an illusion, and our leaders are verging on malpractice by encouraging it, if they’re really foolish enough to believe it themselves. There is no guarantee whatsoever — none — that future variants will magically be kinder, instead of more lethal.

But my booster will protect me! Right? Wrong. It’s a little known fact that boosters lose efficacy fast. At about ten weeks, most boosters have already dipped under 50% protection. Think about that for a second. What does it really mean? Boosters offer people maybe two to three months worth of protection. And that’s it. Then you’re in the same place, more or less, as you were before.”

“Logic would dictate that means that people are going to need boosters every few months. So why are leaders shying away from it? Israel, wisely, is already moving in that direction. But our leaders, generally speaking, are going in the opposite direction. They don’t want to give people boosters. Why not? Because they don’t want to pay for it”

But so what? If I’ve had Covid once, I can’t even get it again, right? Wrong. Reinfections are rising. That is precisely because a variant like Omicron appears to be better able to reinfect people — to cause what’s know as “breakthrough infections.” Listen to this. “The protection afforded by past infection against reinfection with Omicron may be as low as 19%, Imperial College said.” “

“What does that mean? It means that people get Covid, over and over again. They keep getting it. It becomes “like” a cold, only it’s not a cold, because as you can see, hospitals are full of kids on ventilators: “Today in the US, more than 4000 children are hospitalized with #COVID19, which is double what we saw 2 weeks ago. At one Indiana hospital, half the kids went to the ICU and ~25% were put on a ventilator.” “

But the death rate is lower! So everything’s fine!! Wrong. Have you actually checked the death rate, my morbid friend? Why so glib about…people dying? The death rate is flat. But that is not really progress. In America, there’s the equivalent of a 9/11 every two daysstill. That is not some kind of “mild” or “low” death rate. It’s just that it’s become acceptable to our leaders, and they’re encouraging us to make our peace with mass death, too. But should we really accept the equivalent of the worst terrorist attack in American history…every two days?”

But hospitalisations are lower, right? Wrong. Go ahead and look at the chart. Hospitalizations in America are now as high as they were during Delta’s peak. Omicron still hasn’t peaked yet. Yes, hospitalisation as a percent of cases are lower. But that is cold comfort. Because healthcare systems have hard limits. And we are hitting those limits, in terrible ways, like, again, wards full of kids on ventilators.”

But so what if kids are in the hospital and old people die! Hey, the strong survive, right? Wrong. First, that’s a fascist way to think — and sadly, the pandemic is making little fascists of us all. Our leaders have adopted a basically fascist politicisation of science at this point — a eugenics of letting the frail and elderly and weak die off, kids end up in the hospital, so that life can be “normal” for the rest.”

“Every case of Omicron brings us that much closer to new variants emerging. Every reinfection of Omicron — something we can now predict is going to happen regularly — brings us that much closer to new variants emerging. Every seriously ill person is a viral playground, in which new variants find ideal breeding grounds.”

But so what? Between vaccines and prior infections, I’m immune now! Wrong. What you have is some limited degree of protection. You’re protected — for now — against severe disease, and maybe even hospitalization. But over time, antibodies to Covid appear to wane. After how long? We’re just beginning to have good data, and that seems to say at around six months or so, roughly”

“Let me say one final thing. Nobody is wearier of the pandemic than me. OK, maybe a few people, Like those who have lost loved ones, terribly and suddenly. Or like my wife, the doctor. Me? My wife has come home crying in bitter rage, slumped in despair, weeping with fury, almost every night for years. I hold her tight. And treasure the nobility of one who is still there, doing the right thing, caring, trying, with a fierce passion that burns through all the lies…… She is the bravest person I know.”

Here. Let me give that link again for the longer and more personal article.

Thank you Umair

Some people may have found my Year End Review harsh. Believe me, I toned down what I really thought. It needed to be said though. It was time for some tough love.

My tolerance for Covidiots has come to an end. Others are reaching the same point.

Here is another better known writer voicing my feeling and doing it better than myself. This is your Bonus Read.

“Well, Folks, you can just stop with “be a better person” bit.”

“Because that just ain’t going to happen. That ship not only sailed, it hit a rock outside the harbor and went down with all hands.” 

“I am all out of fucks to give.” 

“I’m not going to feel bad for some obnoxious idiot politician, some loud mouthed media personality, some fanatical religious nut, who not only refused to get vaxxed, but actively tried to keep the public from the vaccine. These assholes are killing people. It’s bad enough they killed themselves, but they are enthusiastically trying to take the rest of us with them.”

Sooo…. I purchased a Fairbairn Sykes, Third Pattern commando dagger. The one pictured above. The one carried by my grandfather as he entered Europe, with a calm and deliberate purpose. A purpose he didn’t talk about afterwards. This knife was commissioned to be built for one purpose. To kill Nazis.

The whole story of this knife, its developers and its many variations is incredibly interesting.

I’ll explore this further when I get around to the article I said I wanted to write. I had hoped for a less serious article where I could just B.S. about knives. An article just for me.

But because of rapidly moving events and because people come here for practical survival skills, I think I should share some of my advice on what knife you should purchase for sheer practicality. And you folks that come here also know that means a practical price as well.

A week ago a friend called me. Some one from my trusted Crew. He told me he was planning on getting a knife to start carrying and he asked me what he should get. I was honored he thought to ask me, knowing I would give him decent advice.

I replied, “Funny you should ask. I’ld just spent months thinking this though, for my readers. The answer is, either the Buck 119 or the Cold Steel SRK”

Dramatic pause. For thirty seconds I was thinking of just signing off there. Dropping the mic and walking off stage. Leaving the audience going, “What just happened?” and racing off to their search engines to look up 119 and SRK. I may be that cool… but… I had more on the subject already in my head… and you are already here anyways. Here is a couple youtube clips I sorted before hand.

This fellow also mentioned the SRK as a compatible option so you know it is not just me talking out my ass. The Buck will offer you something else that is a bit more intangible. I call it Conservative Camouflage or Redneck Drag. Some people may hate you but you will gain respect if they see that knife on your hip. It’s a very conservative knife. A logger, trapper, drunken hunter or grumpy Ol’ Timer would be less problematic because you are wearing their uniform. Think of it as a Secret Handshake.

The Cold Steel SRK is a bit more Practical Tactical. This is why a lot of Special Forces have started using it. Its a more practical size and less flash than other combat knives but still with a more modern, quick draw sheath.

This is worth sitting through just for the laughs. Oh No, You Didn’t?

There is a third option worth consideration. A smaller version of the SRK called the SRK-C. This may be a more practical option for some. Those that need a lite cutting tool without needing to use it as a pry bar. Heck. Lets give that first fellow a double tap.

There you go.

You came here to receive some very depressing news about our shared future. And you leave with practical knowledge of a tool that you can carry every day and into that future, as if it is an appendage to your own body. Like I do… every day… all day.

Job done.

One last thing. Part of the reason I sped that knife advice to you a bit sooner than waiting for whenever I get around to talking about knives, is that considering supply disruptions and Omicron, you might want to order your first real knife or upgrade your present one sooner than later.

Good luck out there.

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After thought.

I’m really happy for Umair Haque quickly becoming a recognized name. More so, to hear someone else saying the same thing I am thinking, so I know it is not just me.

I’m not one for listening to podcasts… but if you want a post coitus chat up after the rough ride of this post, here you go.