About the ridiculous things I do

“All things that must collapse eventually do. All empires collapse—no exceptions. All buildings collapse—unless they are demolished first. All Ponzi schemes—such as the current financial system, based on runaway debt—collapse when you least expect them to. Seeing as collapses aren’t optional, it makes sense to get used to the idea of them happening, and to learn how make the best of them. Some people consider this and are filled with grief. As I pointed out before, collapse is the worst possible time to suffer a nervous breakdown, so please get your blubbering over with ahead of time.”      Dmitry Orlov

Resource Depletion. Climate Chaos. Economic Contraction. Social Destabilization.

Since these subjects don’t just go away because we wish them to, its best to get used to the idea. My goal here is to help people transition to a changing world. Helping make a better Apocalypse for all. Doing my own little part.

Expect foul language, deplorable English, un researched opinions presented as facts, deeply inappropriate sexual innuendo and a general Truthiness that makes people uncomfortable around the dinner table.

Also expect plenty of survival advice and adaptive strategies. It wont be the usual crap you get from ridiculous survival experts. A very few of you out there will know me as C5. This isn’t my first rodeo. My wife and I live on a 110 acre doomstead in rural Nova Scotia farm land. I have been keeping a low profile. That changes Here.

unfortunately,  I will be disengaging comments. I have learned from previous posting that I can’t give you my best general honesty if I am worried about what people think of me. That, and I wont let other people use me to spread their own toxic manure. Plus, fans and stalkers are sort of creepy.

So, pull up a folding chair, find a nice view spot, crack a beer or whatever else you prefer to imbibe and let the breakdown of industrial society begin. The show already started a while ago so I will try to get you caught up.



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