Giving Love to Jesus – Just the Tip

With your host Category5 and special guest, The Good Reverend Charismatic5   Brothers Sisters of The Church Of The Apocalypse, this is The Good Reverend. It has been revealed to me that the time is short. Demons walk the earth as men and darkness is upon the land. The time of Tribulation is at hand. [...]


C5’s 101 Uses For A 125 Motorcycle – Episode II -Survival Advice from South America- Part 11…And Something About The EROEI Apocalypse

With your host, Catergory5....just me this time. After a bunch of Guest writers, controversies and old articles I just wanted stored for posterity, Its time to get back to reporting what I see. As I said in episode I, I'm not that exited about this post for reasons I will add after we get past [...]

C5’s 101 Uses For A 125 Motorcycle – Episode I -Survival Advice from South America … and the rest of the world- Part 10

  With your host Category5   The name is a bit deceptive but this is part 2 on the Ultimate Cargo Bike from South America. Sooooo… did you do the homework assignment I asked in part 1? If not, what are you doing here. Shooo. (I mentioned something about me being one dangerous and [...]

C5 Practical Survival Advice For The Poor- When Its Already Too Late to Prep

With your host, Category5   We will be away for the next 2 weeks, off to a near by country. So this is a filler post while you wait for us to get back. We have to leave the country to deal with passport renewal. That means we are at the 6 month point. The [...]

C5 Presents- The Slow Crash- by Ran Prieur

With you host C5 and special guest writer Ran Prieur   I mentioned I get distracted by shiny things. Some things I have a long range plan for. Other things, I just go with my instincts. I also just get bored easily and do what interests me at the moment. I’ve got to finish up [...]