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The only reason we would ask for “A TIP” for writing services rendered, if you have enjoyed these posts or got a good chuckle, is because this is the Dark Green Mountain Survival RESEARCH Centre. It’s for the Research part. If you give a tip, it goes into a jar and is saved up for material costs on Future Experiments, that I can’t justify putting our own meagre funds into just to teach others. Its well woth the investment….and it keeps me from having to put in ads or sell stuff of questionable merit. Any ads on the page are from WordPress alone

Help us “Make a better apocalypse for all”.


(the Paypal button doesnt work, no mater what we try…but the Blue button, Donate- Just the Tip, does. I’m not a very tech savvy person so my reasoning here is it’s working so don’t mess with it. A good rule for the low tech future )

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